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Let’s find out in the Review Yeedi Vac Max Yeedi’s new robot vacuum cleaner, a concentrate of technology that will help us clean our homes effortlessly.

We will analyze its technical characteristics, we will see how it behaved in our tests and what are the final judgments on this instrument that is increasingly used by Italians. Are you ready? Great, let’s go!

NB: We remind you that at the end of the video you can find the complete review of the video on our YouTube channel!

Review Yeedi Vac Max

Before listing the characteristics, we immediately tell you that the object arrives in a well-protected double packaging to avoid shocks and damage to the instrument itself.
Inside the package we will find:

  • 1 Yeedi Vac Max Robot
  • 1 charging base
  • 1 Holder with cloth
  • 5 cleaning cloths
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 Quick Start Guide

Yeedi Vac Max-2 review

The first thing to do will be to assemble the charging base (you just need to insert a plug) and go to place it near a wall or a stable position. After this simple operation, we can mount the small triangle support under the robot’s belly and download the application.

Don’t worry, through the instruction manual (in English) you will see all the steps (with nice pictures) and using the Yeedi Vac Max will be really easy.

Yeedi Vac Max-3 review

Technical characteristics

Without revealing too much, we leave you the complete technical characteristics of the model:

Navigation Visual SLAM

Suction power 600/1500/3000Pa

Water tank capacity 240ml

Water flow levels 4

Bin capacity 450ml

Dust bag capacity 2.5L

Dimensions 350 x 350 x 77mm

Battery capacity 5200mAh

Work time 200 minutes

Loading time 6 hours

Carpet detection Yes

Automatic suction Yes

Ability to overcome obstacles 9 millimeters

control App / Alexa

Yeedi Max-4 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Test and user manual

After installing our charging base, in a safe and stable place, we can download app from apple store or play storeher name is Yeedi and you can find her easily.

Set the language and continue in configuration via wi-fi network, in order to use this function later. You will be asked to turn on the robot and click the Wi-Fi button to complete the operations, scanning a QR code through the robot’s camera.

Yeedi Vac Max App Review

You can now decide whether to use the app to use the robot (my advice is this) or click the power button to start the automatic cleaning. In the second case, the robot will do a cleaning with the basic settings then it will start recharging but you will not be able to customize anything.

If you choose the first option, open the application, click on your robot and then you can choose between different options:

  • Start or stop cleaning
  • Send the robot to the charging station
  • Select a specific area to clean
  • View cleaning data
  • Manage the level of cleaning water released
  • Manage suction power
  • Manage the cleaning schedule
  • Set voice commands and language
  • Set automatic cleaning at certain times
  • Enable audit notifications

yeedi vac max-app review 2

Cleaning differs in 3 different modes. Vacuuming only, washing only and vacuuming with washing. To activate the first cleaning, it is enough not to load the water in the central tank and not to insert the support with a cloth.

If you wish to use the other 2 modes, you must mount the cloth and insert the water (we recommend the use of a specific water as for iron). By adjusting the suction and washing intensity via the app, you will achieve the desired result.

Yeedi Max-Vac Tub Review

Our advice, before activating the robot is to clear the area of ​​objects that could cause the vacuum to clean (chairs, bowls, boxes). The mapping operation it will last a while, so be patient the first time you need it.

The maintenance on this type of electronic device it is very simple. After cleaning, you can indeed empty the crumb tray into a trash bag and clean the filter. The fabric can be cleaned in the washing machine or under running water.

yeedi vacuum max map review

Final judgments

Yeedy Vac cleans crumbs, pet hair, small debris and general dirt, but it’s difficult with large debris (you’ll have to iron it). Can also be used for cleaning liquids (mixed cleaning used) e can detect carpetsincreasing the maximum power when it passes over it.

yeedi vacuum cleaner max cleaning review

The management of SLAM technology manages to make the cleaning complete and even in confined spaces, but our advice is to free the surface of any element that is not perfectly square (such as a basin).

The Yeedi Vac Max is a good tool to clean the house independently. It cannot replace an electric broom but it saves precious time and in its function of cleaning with water it is truly exceptional. Here is the link with the offer dedicated to users of our blog: Promo Yeedi Useful Accessories: Automatic emptying base / Yeedi Vac Hybrid

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