Why Make Custom Summer Gadgets

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Why Make Custom Summer Gadgets

Why invest in promotional gadgets during the summer, when businesses and offices are closing and everyone is thinking about holidays? In this article we want to tell you why summer is the ideal season to create personalized summer gadgets!

4 good reasons to create personalized summer gadgets

From a marketing point of view, there are several reasons to invest in production of personalized summer items.

1 – A positive mind is a receptive mind

When you start to define a marketing strategy, you should always think about the target audience. Among the most important elements to consider are the psychophysical conditions of the audience.

Summer undeniably gives us feelings of well-being linked precisely to its characteristics: longer days, warmer temperatures and the awareness that the holidays are approaching.

In short, very often the minds of people during the holidays she is more relaxed and oriented towards positive feelings and that makes her even more receptive to external stimuli. And so to marketing stimuli!

In addition, the gadgets that we offer you for this period are characterized by particular forms And bright colors, which immediately affect sight and the senses in general. We have already talked to you in our article about the importance of using the 5 senses to implement a marketing strategy.

2 – Gadgets travel and brands accompany them

One of the main reasons you decide to invest in personalized advertising gadgets is related to their ability to move.

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If you are reading this article, you want to create a personalized gadget with your logo. You probably made this choice because you know that individuals are often affected by unconscious stimuli: when their brain perceives a brand name / logo it tends to memorize it. And there is also a very good chance that later he will get information about the company that produced it.

Therefore: the more places the promotional item we create for you moves, the more people will know about your brand and your company.

Here’s another reason why invest in summer gadgets: everyone travels more in the summer and therefore brings more objects with them, giving visibility to the logos printed on them.

the travel items they are perfect from this point of view. Duffel bags and custom carts have large surfaces and can potentially travel around the world.

3 – Strengthen the feeling of belonging to the company

The summer period is definitely a good time to reward your employees with a corporate gift.

The pandemic has taken a huge effort from everyone. Many have faced financial difficulties or health problems and we have all had to adapt to a new way of life.

Despite the many limitations, the companies have been able to adapt quickly to this emergency and to theirs resilience it certainly also depended on the contribution of the workers. Thus, corporate gifts become a great way to show them gratitude.

Personalized corporate gifts to create a sense of belonging

In addition, the summer period is considered a festive period, thanks to the fact that many leave for holidays and for this reason it can be celebrated almost like Christmas.

For this reason, a good idea is to organize a Event, in which perhaps also distribute personalized gadgets. These moments of encounter, in such a positive atmosphere, are fundamental for improve relationships among workers e strengthen the sense of belonging to the company.

4 – The characteristics of the gadgets themselves

A final element to consider are the characteristics of the gadgets themselves: the most purchased summer items in our catalogs are characterized by large dimensions. In fact, among our best-selling products of this period, there are beach towels, sarongs and bags for the beach.

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This is a big plus if you plan to make prints rich in detail.

Only on large surfaces is it possible to print detailed prints, thanks to the most modern and sophisticated personalization techniques.

For example, last year we created for the store inside the Duca di Salaparuta Cellars, sarongs with an artistic print inspired by Sicily, the region where the company is located. A design studio has designed original and sophisticated graphics and we have printed the sarongs using the digital technique, perfect for highlighting unique and precious colors and shades as in this case.

A gadget suitable for any business

In short, even if all companies can benefit from the creation of personalized summer itemssome of them are more related to seasonality and can take more advantage of this time of year to increase awareness of their brands.

  • Hotels, holiday homes and B&Bs

the hospitality businesses can greatly benefit from promotional gadgets. It is customary for both hotels and B&Bs to provide guests with certain essential items such as toiletries or bedroom slippers.

A recent trend, however, is also to offer customers more original gadgets that leave them with a concrete memory of thelived experienceto make sure they decide to “relive” it again the following year.

In this case, it will be very important to take into account the place where the structure is located: in a resort, you can study such gadgets suitable for the beach as Balloons or custom air mattresses, while for the mountains they can be considered as useful objects during trekking, such as water bottles or portable flashlights.

  • Swimming pools, bathing establishments & co

Some companies like bathing facilities And outdoor swimming pools they only work a few months a year and it is essential for them to be able to retain their customers, both to differentiate themselves from competitors and to encourage their customers to return more often.

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Public baths

Gadgets can also be considered part of the Business of these goods and be sold to the gods Souvenir shop located at the entrance of the structures.

  • Ice cream parlors and outdoor venues

Ice cream parlors, yogurt shops and all these places, like me kiosks, which open only or mainly for the summer season, must take advantage of the warm months to leave good memories with their customers. Promotional gadgets can be very useful for this purpose, especially if they are given out after an “important” day like the day of the reopening.

Among the latest trends for food sector there is also that of customizing some of the items sold with the local brand!

Personalized water bottles in different formats

We cannot fail to include in the list of companies that can most benefit from personalized items in the summer I Souvenir shop. These businesses are extremely linked to tourist activity and for this reason in the summer period: with the increase in travel, their turnover also increases.

Personalized summer gadgets for gift shops

Museums, tourist attractions, amusement parks and water parks: in all these places, tourists spend moments of lightness and often decide to buy small branded gadgets that remind them of the trip made and help them to keep alive the beautiful emotions experienced.

Another activity extremely linked to the hot season is that of summer centers.

Usually, the children and young people who attend them receive welcome giftsbut often we do not think of honoring them with parting gifts, or rather, goodbye.

Also in this case, the gadgets, perhaps associated with a moment of celebration, are a great opportunity to invite your little guests not to forget you and to come back the following year.

summer center

To be inspired

As you may have read, summer is the ideal season to create personalized, original and distinctive gadgets.

If one of our ideas has inspired you, or if you wish to make a special request, use the format below to request a free quote.

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