Which neighborhood to choose in Tenerife if you are traveling as a couple or alone

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Best neighborhood in Tenerife

What are the best neighborhoods and which neighborhood to choose in Tenerife if you want to travel as a couple, as a family or alone?

I have already spoken a lot about where to stay in tenerife based on the best areas, but today I want to talk more specifically about which areas to choose in Tenerife depending on the trip you want to take.

Let’s see together below what I’m talking about 🙂

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Which neighborhood to choose in Tenerife if you are traveling as a couple

Tenerife for couples is a great destination as it offers everything a couple could need, sunny beaches, crystal clear sea, lots of activities and plenty of places to have fun.

If you are looking for fun, relaxation and nightlife then the Las Americas neighborhood is for you, if you want something lighter but still close to Las Americas you can rate something in Los Cristianos .

Adeje is a very quiet part of the island just 15 minutes drive from Las Americas.

If you want even more tranquility, you can opt for the Costa Del Silencio, while if you are looking for naturalistic landscapes and want to shade the lively beaches of Las Americas, you can opt for the north of the island.

Which area to choose in Tenerife if you are traveling alone

If you are traveling alone, the only place I would recommend is Las Americas. Only then will you ever feel alone.

Just go to Sant’elmo to enjoy a nice evening among clubs and restaurants.

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During the day the beach is always crowded with young and old who want to talk to each other and have fun, and it is full of surf schools where you can rent equipment to be able to ride the waves.

If you are not a nightlife lover but want to be alone, you can opt for Adeje or the north of the island if you like nature.

The best neighborhoods in Tenerife for traveling with the family

If you are traveling with your family to Tenerife, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation.

One of the best areas in this case is also Los Cristianos, quieter than Las Americas but very well connected with many restaurants, pubs and playgrounds.

Adeje is quieter, a bit more secluded but lovely for families who just want to relax.

If, on the other hand, you want to focus on nature, trekking and outdoor activities, the north of the island offers many interesting scenarios for family trips.

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