Where to watch NBA game replays

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Where to watch NBA game replays

Are you a basketball fan but you don’t know how to watch delayed matches? In this guide we want to explain to you where to watch replays of nba games, so as not to miss a single one! These are secure sites and apps that provide a clear, buffer-free view of the best games in the American Basketball League.

With this article we do not want to encourage the illegal use of the systems mentioned, our article is only intended to inform the user. We always suggest relying on legal streams, so as not to violate copyright.

That said, if the subject interests you, we recommend that you take a few minutes of your time to read this article to the end. You will find where to watch replays of nba games.

Where to watch NBA game replays

Where to watch NBA-2 game replays

We have selected sites and applications for you so that you know where to watch replays of nba games. Before starting to list these platforms, we want to recommend some tips to take full advantage of these tools (see also Where to watch NBA for free in streaming).

First of all, it is very important to use a vpn. This is a service that allows you to hide your IP address, so you can browse incognito. In this way, it will be possible to exploit the potential of foreign sites, bypassing Google blocks or geographical restrictions.

Some of the platforms we want to recommend include:

  1. NBA: matches and live results;
  2. VipLeague;
  3. ATDHE;
  4. Live locker;
  5. Free Jack

These are platforms where it is rare to find games with comments in Italian, since it is the predominance of foreign sites. However, in some cases it is possible that the reference language is only Italian (you can also check Starlive.xyz Apk).

Let’s see them individually in detail, in order to analyze their characteristics and potential. So that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

NBA: matches and live results

The first platform we want to recommend is NBA: matches and live results, it is the official app to enjoy NBA games. To access this application, all you have to do is download it from the Play Store in the case of an Android device, or from the App Store in the case of an iOS device.

It’s definitely a great way to know where to watch replays of nba games. In order to get the most out of this app’s potential, you need to purchase a subscription with the NBA Pass, which is available in different price ranges.

2. VIP League

VipLeague it’s a great solution for watching basketball games, including replays. The initial screen is intuitive and simple, allowing you to select your reference sport from the menu. To watch basketball games you will have to click on the basketball and all the games available at that time will appear.


Another very effective site for this purpose is ATDHE. It is a functional and complete platform to enjoy the best of NBA games, including many other sports. The only problem this site may encounter is the presence of intrusive advertisements, which can be eliminated simply with AdBlock, or a similar plugin, or by closing the pages.

4. Live Locker

Another of the best sites for where to watch NBA game replays is definitely Live locker. It has a simple and minimal interface, where you also need to select the basketball icon here. You will have the option to choose between the live or delayed matches that interest you the most.

5. Free Jack

Last but not least is the site CricFree, very easy to use. It offers a wide variety of sports, including NBA basketball. Select the sport from the menu, then navigate to the games you are interested in.

How to watch NBA game replays

Where to watch NBA-3 game replays

With this article, we have listed where to watch replays of nba gamesstating that we do not wish to encourage piracy in any way, but simply inform the user.

All you have to do is choose the platform you prefer and enjoy the best basketball wherever you want! Here is an article that you might find useful: Veezie Channel List

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