What to see in Vienna in two days and how to get there

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What to see in Vienna

What are the best things to do in Vienna and what to see in Vienna in two days?

Vienna is the capital of Austria, besides being a beautiful and elegant city overlooking the Danube, Vienna contains many museums, monuments and magnificent works of art in its streets.

The watchword in this wonderful city is “nose in the air”, In fact, you cannot miss the marvelous Art Nouveau buildings dotted around the streets of Vienna.

Throughout its history, the Austrian capital has hosted famous names such as Klimt, Mozart, Hundertwasser and many more which you can discover while visiting Vienna.

Indeed in Vienna you will see one of the most beautiful works of Klimt in my opinion and retrace important parts of the history of mozart.

Vienna is a great destination in every seasonin spring and summer, the gardens scattered around the city fill with color, in autumn and winter, with the lights and Christmas decorations, a fantastic magic is generated.

The Austrian capital is a city full of attractions and places of interest that are difficult to see in just two days, it is certainly a destination like many others to which it is necessary to devote much more time, but during these two days we can savor the main and most famous attractions to then fall in love with this land and return.

Despite its size, Vienna is a very organized city, indeed to visit it you can count on the Viennese metro network which connects the city center but also more remote places from the center almost at any time of the day.

In addition to the metro, you can use the buses or what makes you better get into everyday life in Vienna is to walklet yourself be carried away by curiosity and sneak through the alleys and squares to discover this beautiful city.

What to see in Vienna in two days: day one

1. Climb to the roof of the Cathedral of Santo Stefano

What to see in Vienna in two days

St. Stephen’s Cathedral sits hidden in the streets of Vienna as if it doesn’t want to be discovered by less observant tourists, but inside it contains a very unusual atmosphere, maybe even a bit dark but to my very fascinating review.

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Inside you can visit the treasurythe catacombs and you can also climb on the roof to admire the city from above, I advise you to climb the highest south tower.

There are many steps to climb to reach the top of the tower, there is also a small lift but when we were there it was broken so consider the possibility of having to walk all the steps to reach the top and enjoy the magnificent view of Vienna.

The Cathedral of Santo Stefano is known not only for its breathtaking panoramic view, but also for being the second tallest structure in Europe with the tallest swinging bell.

2. What to see in Vienna in two days? Don’t miss Hofburg

The Hofburg is the residence of the austrian president apart from being a symbol of the strength and greatness of Habsburg power throughout history, this building is undoubtedly majestic and worth a visit.

Visiting the Hofburg will take you a long time but you will be rewarded by the various attractions that are present inside, indeed it is not a simple imperial palace where you can see the royal apartments, the stables and the Austrian library.

In fact, in its 240,000 square meters you will also find various exhibitions and museums among which, in my opinion, the most interesting were those on the story of Princess Sissi and the Silverware Museum.

For an excellent lunch break before you start your visit to Belvedere Castle, I recommend a good beer and a delicious meal at Stöckl im Park, this place is near the castle entrance.

You can have lunch in their garden with typical Viennese dishes.

3. Put Mozarthaus on the list of things to see in Vienna in two days

What to see in Vienna in two days

The Mozarthaus was Mozart’s residence between around 1780 and 1790, located in Domgasse is a very special six-storey building with a typical Austrian character.

Inside it has been recreated a museum entirely dedicated to Mozartalong all the rooms you can discover not only the life of Mozart but also the history and curiosities of the world of music in general.

In addition you can also visit the Bosendorff a room adorned with a barrel vault with perfect acousticsso much so that it is still used today for concerts or weddings.

All the information for visiting Mozart’s House can be found here.

4. Hohermarkt

What to see in Vienna in two days

Hohermarkt is the heart of the city, here you will meet the inhabitants of the center concerned with carrying out the activities of daily life, in fact it is the The oldest square in all of Viennaon this square you can also admire the clock which connects the two buildings and which entertains the tourists with the statuettes which come out to the rhythm of the music.

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5. Karlsplatz

It is the main square and also the largest, full of historic buildings and typical Austrian shops.

It won’t go unnoticed majestic white church overlooking Karlplatzit’s the St. Borromeo Church or Karlskircheis a church that was intended as a symbol of the end of the plague in Vienna and was in fact dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo protector of the sick with the plague.

In front of the Church of San Borromeo it is easily identifiable the building of the Secessionthe gold details and its dome also in gold enhance the style of the structure in Art Nouveau.

6. Belvedere Castle

If you are an art lover wondering what to see in Vienna in two days, then this step is essential for youIn fact, inside Belvedere Castle, many works by well-known artists are exhibited.

Belvedere is divided into Upper and Lower Belvederethe union path between the two Belvederes has turned into a magnificent garden that in summer is really suggestive to visit.

You can rest between the visit of the Lower Belvedere and the Upper Belvedere among the various trees in the garden and admire the many fountains scattered around.

Inside Belvedere Castle it is collected the most important Austrian collectionyou will find paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Schiele and just as well Klimt.

The undisputed king of all the works in Belvedere Palace is Klimt’s The Kiss, a well-known work that attracts many tourists to Vienna.

What to see in Vienna in two days: second day

7. Prater

What to see in Vienna in two days

Vienna is not only history and museums but also a lot of fun, the Prater is actually a Vienna’s iconic amusement park freeknown for its big wheel but also for the various attractions for young and old.

Inside the Prater you can also find interactive museums up to a discotheque for the more socialites, the culinary offers are numerous, from kiosks for a simple and quick lunch to more refined clubs.

If you don’t know what to see in Vienna in two days and are looking to have fun, this is a great option.

Discover the park.

8. Naschmarkt

This old market is a place not to be missed if you want to fully immerse yourself in the culinary culture, you will find many stands exhibiting typical Viennese gourmet products but also many other parts of the world.

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Here you can also find quick lunches as well as discover typical Viennese products and local recipes to try at home.

I recommend stopping here for lunchyou will find many options to satisfy your taste buds.

9. Museum Quarter

What to see in Vienna in two days

A die largest cultural centers in the world with many museums of each theme, it’s a whole space dedicated to culture, if you don’t have much time for a little walk in these streets I still recommend it if you are interested in one of the many present in the Museumsquartier then you have to include it in your itinerary things to see in Vienna in two days.

10. The People’s Theater

The People’s Theater built around 1890 is outside a structure worthy of a passage and a few minutes to admire its beauty, unfortunately when we were in Vienna it was not possible to enter but from what I know the interiors are just as wonderful.

11. Hundertwasserhaus

If you like street art or alternative art this is a stop on your trip to Vienna, the building is a must see public houses built by the architect Hundertwasser precisely who thought to give joy to the inhabitants with colors and plants.

12. Schonbrunn Palace

This castle was in fact the imperial residence of the Habsburgs from around 1730 to 1910, its beauty led it to be listed as a UNESCO heritage site in 1996.

A visit is therefore essential to admire the beauties contained in this building, there are many packages that you can choose according to the time you have.

Know that in any case, access to the gardens is free.

How to get to Vienna

Vienna can certainly be included in a nice road trip to discover Austria, so whether it’s a road trip or you just decide to go there by car there are not many problems.

The only precautions are the purchase of the sticker in Austria and to know where to park your car in advance, Vienna can be visited on foot or by public transport and for this we recommend that you leave your car in a car park.

If you want to reach Vienna by plane, then The nearest airport is undoubtedly Vienna Schwechat.about 15km away and is connected to the city center by daytime bus, otherwise it is always possible to use taxis, although they are a bit expensive.

If you decide to arrive in train no problem why the station is in the centerthere are many lines that connect Italy to Austria allowing you to easily reach cities like Vienna by train.

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