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During our Calabria road trip we decided to stop at this very famous beach in the region, Arcomagno beach, well known for its imposing arch on one of its beaches.

We weren’t very close to the beach with our accommodation, in fact we were staying in Castrovillari less than an hour away, but despite that we still decided to go and discover it.

In this article, I want to give you my objective opinion on Arcomagno beach, what to do in the surroundings, how to pass the time and where to reach the beach.

Where to sleep near ArcoMagno beach

If you decide to stay near ArcoMagno beach, you will find different structures that can accommodate you.

Below, I recommend a few that might work for you:

  • Ivana’s house: Located in San Nicola Arcella in the Calabria region, La Casa di Ivana has a balcony and sea views. The air-conditioned accommodation….
  • sea ​​air: This property is 18 minutes walk from the beach. Located 2.7 km from Scalea Beach, Aria Di Mare offers a seasonal swimming pool.
  • Villa Crawford: This property is 4 minutes walk from the beach. Located in San Nicola Arcella, Villa Crawford offers an indoor bar and connec….
  • The hamlet house: Located in San Nicola Arcella, 41 km from Sapri, La casa nel borgo offers grounds… ..


How to get to Arcomagno beach

The best beaches in Calabria

There is only one way to get to ArcoMagno beach: walk.

It’s true, so don’t expect to park your car and find ArcoMagno beach right in front of you.

By the way, if you define San Nicola Arcella beach on maps, it will lead you to a series of parking lots, you continue until the last parking and leave it there, the cost of parking should be 10€ for the whole day.

To reach Arcomagno beach, you have to walk about ten minutes, first climbing a few steps (hoping to find the gate open, it is sometimes closed but easily climbable) then continue towards the first arch that you can see in the distance then continue towards the main arch.

In fact there are two arches, the first smaller than the main one and the second much more impressive.

It is also possible to reach Arcomagno beach by pedal boat or canoe as I did. Just rent it in the other nearby beaches and then get there in a few minutes.

However, consider that there may be (in fact there almost certainly will be) other paddle boats and canoes, so you may have trouble finding “parking” inside the cave.

Another way to access Arcomagno beach is by using a tourist boat, one of those that do panoramic tours.

Almost all tours in the area stop here for swimming, but I don’t know if this way there is the possibility of entering the part of the beach.

What to do to pass the time: useful tips

What to do at Arcomagno 2 beach

Don’t expect to do any activities along this beach.

We spent the time mostly in canoes and sunbathe.

Near the beach there are some huts where you can drink and eat with a splendid view of the sea, at sunset it becomes magical.

They rent canoes nearby and paddle boats at nearby beaches.

As we didn’t have much to do, we decided to go to dino island with the kayak, not very far.

In reality the distances in the water are deceiving, in fact to reach the island we named it would take 30 minutes each way and instead it was an hour of paddling each way, a chore which however was rewarded with the beautiful water we found on Dino Island.

Dino Island is nothing more than an uninhabited islet where there are lots of wildlife and a cave with lots of fish inside.

Getting there by kayak was difficult but enjoyable in the endbut I would only recommend it to those who are at least somewhat trained.

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