Vevor Thickness Planer Review

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Vevor Thickness Planer Review

Let’s find out together, in ours VEVOR Thickness Planer Reviewan object that can also be used by non-experts in the sector and can be useful for creating precise wooden objects, saving money.

Live is a company that takes care of professional objects to cultivate its hobbies (for the sake of economy). How did our tests on the Vevor aircraft go? Keep reading our review and find out!

We remind you that Vevor is present on Amazon with several articles. We leave you the link to visit the official store and at the end of the article the one specific to the object we will talk about: Store Vevor

Technical data Planer Vevor 1500W

The object we present to you is a medium/large sized instrument 62.99 x 37.08 x 48.01cm and with a decidedly high weight (about 36kg) but that shouldn’t scare us at all. It is powered by an electric cable and has a power of about 1500 Watts.

AND’ constructed of metalwith a steel base. It has a maximum cutting width of 12.5″ (319mm), a cutting thickness of 0.2″-6″ (5-150mm), a blade speed of 9000 rpm and a feed rate of 315″/min (8m/min). There is a hole in the back part to insert a vacuum cleaner and a double blade for precise wood cutting.

The package is delivered to us in a cardboard box with internal polystyrene packaging. Inside the package you will find:

  • 1 thickness planer
  • 1 steel base
  • 4 bearings
  • 1 dust base
  • 1 Knife change tool
  • 1 set of screws
  • 1 adapter
  • 1 instruction manual

Assembly and maintenance

the the assembly of the Vevor planer is very simple and the handy instruction manual guarantees complete reading (but only in English). Inside you will also find instructions for changing the main knife, although our advice is to contact an expert.

Thickness plane Vevor-2

The first thing to do is mount steel base o place the block plate on a fairly resistant surface (its weight is in fact about 36 kg). Don’t worry because everything will be very simple with the screws available and the images in the illustrative booklet.

To use the plane we advise you to use professional gloves, a pair of protective glasses and protective earphones, as this item can be dangerous if not used with care and with the correct tools. These accessories, given the price of the object, we would have liked to find them already supplied but it is also true that almost no manufacturer includes them in the basic set.

Thickness plane Vevor-3

After assembling the supporting structure and putting on the protective tools, you can open the two main compartments (front and back) and place using the go up (assemble) your piece of wood to be filed. We remind you that the planer has a maximum cutting width of 12.5″ (319mm) and a cutting thickness of 0.2″-6″ (5-150mm).

This item does not require much maintenance, but it is Proper cleaning of the Vevor planer is essential after use, to prevent shavings or the like from compromising the use of the instrument.

Vevor thickness planer review and hands-on test

The first thing that jumps out when you have the planer in your hands is not its size (average) but its weight. Placing it on the structure to be assembled or on a workbench alone will actually extremely difficult and you will need help.

The construction material is suitable for its use, which mainly is in the field of leisure and unprofessional. Creating objects through woodworking will be a lot of fun and also the end result should be considered excellent.

After connecting the cable to the electrical outlet, you will need to turn the crank to the desired height and then turn on the machine (progressive lowering of the crank step by step). The noise of the instrument is quite annoying but less than other instruments of different brands (use headphones!) but you will have to find a vacuum cleaner whose nozzle fits perfectly into the final opening (or adapt it).

Thickness plane Vevor-4

Changing the knife is an operation to be done only if experiencedeven if the correct tool is available, and it is essential to keep the aircraft clean for its proper use over time.

In conclusion Vevor’s thick planer is a great tool to start carving pieces of wood, bamboo, nylon siding, etc. while having fun.. Very heavy, its cut is however precise and its use is extremely easy. You can find it on sale at the following link: Promo thickness plane USE CODE AJQTHU8N for a 30% off

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