VEVOR Electric Demolition Hammer Review

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VEVOR Electric Demolition Hammer Review

Let’s find out together, in ours Reviews VEVOR Electric Demolition Hammeran object that can also be used by non-experts in the sector (with care) and that guarantees very interesting power and control.

Live is a company that takes care of professional objects to cultivate its hobbies (for the sake of economy). How did our tests of the Vevor demolition hammer go? Keep reading our review and find out!

We remind you that Vevor is present on Amazon with several articles. We leave you the link to visit the official store and at the end of the article the one specific to the object we will talk about: Store Vevor

Technical characteristics Electric demolition hammer drill Vevor 3500W

Let’s start right away by giving you the technical data of this object and talking about its structure. the Vevor’s Demolition Hammer has the following dimensions 73 x 32 x 18cm and weighs 16kgbeing quite heavy but at the same time very resistant.

It connects with a cable to the electrical outlet thanks to the 220V voltage it’s a maximum power of 3500 watts (there is also a 2200 Watt version). this allows up to 1800 rotations per minute and high power.

Technical Data of VEVOR Electric Demolition Hammer

His “body” is made of metal resistant with plastic parts (such as handle and handle). Its colors recall the professional tools used on construction sites ( orange and black ) and cannot be customized. The main handle can be rotated 360° in order to use the hammer more comfortably in the different conditions.

The package arrives in a double cardboard packaging with internal polystyrene protection and each piece is placed in a plastic bag. Inside the package we find:

  • 1 Vevor demolition hammer
  • 2 bits (drilling, chisel)
  • 2 Gloves
  • 1 small tank
  • 1 key
  • 2 Allen keys
  • 2 carbon brushes
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 adapter
VEVOR-2 Electric Demolition Hammer

We have attention to packaging safety was appreciated but we stayed disappointed with the manual of the manual which is very brief and mainly contains only the technical data of the instrument (in English only).

The gloves are not suitable for the work you will have to do and therefore we recommend that you purchase another model. There is no shortage of noise-canceling glasses or headphones, but these items are an option that almost no house provides as a basis.

Assembly and maintenance

In our Reviews VEVOR Electric Demolition Hammer a chapter devoted to the assembly of the Hammer could not be missing. Our advice is to go immediately to monitor engine oil condition present inside the vehicle. To do this, use the available wrench to open the containment screw at the bottom of the instrument.

It takes about 80/100ml of product, which you can insert thanks to the small tank provided, but it is worth remembering that thethe oil to be used must be specific for the medium we use. NB: In our case the hammer arrived with the oil already correctly inserted.

VEVOR-3 Electric Demolition Hammer

the the assembly of the end caps is quite simple. To insert them into the hammer, you need to turn the side “block” near the insertion hole 360° so that the tip is fixed and does not fall out. Other tips are also available but must be purchased separately.

Provided we are also provided 2 spare carbon brushes which can replace the originals using the Allen screws (also supplied) to unscrew the bolts present in the upper part of the hammer.

Test and evaluation Vevor 3500W electric demolition hammer

After trying it, we can tell you what we liked and leastalways trying to be aware that the product cannot be compared to a professional construction tool but is aimed at an audience that is more amateur than professional.

Let’s start immediately with packaging safety who impressed us with his attention to detail. An unfavorable point must be given to the instruction manual which turned out to be unclear (in English only) and containing practically only the technical data and no images. Despite the assembly and use is very simplepoint for, we would have preferred more care in understanding the medium.

An advantage of this hammer is certainly its resistancewhich is seen in the materials used, but we must see that this affects the mass the same as it can be uncomfortable for lean/normal build. Vertical work is therefore easy to do, but horizontal work is very heavy.

VEVOR-4 Electric Demolition Hammer

The high power of the electric demolition hammer offers a Very simple “destruction” and also quite precise (thanks to the interchangeable tips) but having a cable operation limits its use for domestic use or with the obligation of a dedicated electrical substation.

It can be used to demolish reinforced concrete, tiles and similar elements but we do not recommend it for the destruction of stones and harder materials or for precision work such as holes and insulation.

In conclusion, its price, its power and its resistance make us fully approve of this hammer although a demerit rating should be given to the instruction manual. Find it on sale on the following link: Demolition Hammer Promo use code ZP83OSFF to get 30% off

We remind you that in our section dedicated to reviews you will find other interesting tests and trials!

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