Unable to start device code 10. Solution

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Unable to start device code 10

Looking for a guide that can show you in detail how to solve the error message Unable to start device code 10? Alright, you just found it! In this in-depth study, we will provide you with all the instructions to succeed in your intention, that is, to discover the causes of the problem and solve it.

These are not long or complex procedures: in a few simple steps you will have all the tools to achieve the objective set and solve the problem in question. So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that once you finish reading the article, you will have a clearer picture of everything. But don’t wait any longer, let’s go!

Unable to start device code 10

Unable to start device code 10-2

Error codes in Device Manager can appear at any time. If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re seeing an error code from “Device Manager” or another tool (such as DXDiag). In the next lines, we will first tell you the cause of the error”Unable to start device code 10And then the solutions to remedy it.

Before going into the detail and the heart of the guide, it is worth asking a question: how to detect your own error code in device manager? Simply double click on the type of device where the problem is occurring, then right click on the device where the problem is occurring, then click “Properties”. Once done, the device’s “Properties” dialog will appear. Here you can see the error code, especially in the “Device Status” area of ​​this dialog box (see also How to open Windows Task Manager).

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That said, the first thing to do is to update the device driver from Windows Update, or possibly update the device driver from the supplier’s website, following the corresponding installation and update instructions. In particular, it is necessary to assess whether:

  • the device is already installed on the PC and, in this case, the computer manufacturer’s website should be visited;
  • the device was installed after the purchase of the computer and, in this case, the website of the manufacturer of the device must be visited;
  • the device has been installed on the computer and the manufacturer does not have a driver update, visit the device manufacturer’s website.

If these procedures do not have a positive effect, it is necessary to carry out an ad hoc operation. The full message is as follows: “Unable to start device. Try updating device drivers. (Code 10)”. And its cause can be found in the fact that the hardware key of the device usually contains a “FailReasonString” value, the string of which displays an error message set by the hardware manufacturer. If the dongle does not contain a “FailReasonString” value, the above message is displayed.

Here is the procedure to solve the problem:

  • update the driver;
  • in the “Properties” dialog of the device, click on the “Driver” tab and then on “Update Driver” to start the hardware update wizard. To update the driver, follow the on-screen instructions. You may be prompted for the path to the driver. If you are prompted for the driver but it is not available, it is possible try to download the latest driver on the hardware vendor’s website.
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Troubleshooting: Unable to start device code 10

Unable to start device code 10-3

You should now have a full and complete overview of the error message Unable to start device code 10, both in reference to the causes and relative solutions of the problem. It is possible to act generally by trying to perform generic operations that go well with all error messages, or to opt for a more specific procedure adapted to this particular error.

So all that remains is to make an appointment for the next one, hoping that our guide will have been useful to you in practice. Here’s an article you might find helpful: Unable to get Address ID | How to fix

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