Track video game missions. Solution

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Track video game missions

Looking for a guide who can orient you how to track video game missions? Alright, you just found it! In this in-depth study, we will provide you with a series of information to succeed in your intention. These are not complex procedures or operations: in a few simple steps, you will have reached the set objective.

Also because always having the possibility to consult the missions carried out and completed is a very practical feature, especially when you play games with huge maps and full of missions and activities to face.

So take a few minutes of free time: we’re sure that once you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a clearer idea of ​​what you need to do. But don’t wait any longer, let’s go!

How to Track Video Game Missions

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Think of a game like elderberry ring. We are talking about the biggest title ever made by From Software so far, characterized by a huge map and the presence of missions and activities to face while exploring the Interregnum (read also our guide on the Impossible Game | The list most difficult).

Confusion could be around the corner, also due to the overall difficulty of the game and the large amount of tasks and NPCs present. In particular, users could risk leaving quests already started behind them, while waiting to reach new areas.

And this applies not only to Elder Ring, but in general to many other titles that have these characteristics. Precisely to prevent these situations from occurring, we recommend the use of split ring. This is currently the most suitable application if you are wondering how to track video game missions. Created by Dachary Carey, this app is available on the AppStore for $2.49, and was designed to keep track of all activities performed by users while gaming.

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With Shattered Ring, you can stop flipping through huge notebooks or losing your notes while trying to keep track of your RPG progress. Easily save and search for non-player characters, game locations, missions and bosses in your favorite RPGs.

Track NPC locations and missions, filter complete or incomplete missions and locations, and view at-a-glance stats for your games. Indispensable companion for mass RPG video games like Elden Ring or for your favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaign (check out the best strategy board games too).

The enormous success, both public and critical, of Shattered Ring must be noted. It is no coincidence that it immediately reached the first position in the “Entertainment” category. So many players bought it. This is how the app is described on its page where you can download it:

Shattered Ring is the Elden Ring task tracker you didn’t know you wanted. The iOS app is a tracker that helps you track the status of important NPCs, locations and missions. Stop going crazy behind huge ratings and risk losing them entirely while you try to track your progress in your RPG“.

Among other things, at VCG’s mics, Carey himself said the following: “I am not an iOS application programmer, but I wanted to enjoy this game so much that I created my first one app to solve what I think is a major accessibility barrier for tons of casual gamers like me“. And judging by the number of people who have downloaded the application in question, it seems that a lot of players thank Carey every day for the service she has rendered.

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Alternatives to Track Video Game Missions

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You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to track video game missions. Just download the Shattered Ring app by going directly to the official page and start using it on your games. So all that remains is to make an appointment for the next one, hoping that our guide will have been useful to you in practice. Here’s another guide you might be interested in: What Does Video Game Mean | Meaning and origins

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