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Take better walks with your dog when you have the Pooch Pacer. This delicate dog trainer helps you train your dog to walk beside you instead of pulling behind you. Use a friendly beep as a reminder and the device works with dogs of all sizes. Check out this blog post to learn more.
This non-punitive dog trainer teaches your pup to walk right next to you Poch Pacer on a dog outdoors

Train your dog to walk beside you, instead of pulling you, with the Pooch Pacer Soft Trainer. This non-punitive dog training device provides gentle reminders for you and your best friend to reset and readjust. This way you can both enjoy your time outdoors and your dog can walk in a healthier and safer way for him. All it takes is a friendly beep, and he’ll be right back at your side.

Are your walks with your dog more of an arm wrestle than a walk? Learning to walk beside you is a skill your furry friend needs to learn, just like sitting. Fortunately, the learning process can be positive, especially if you use a gentle training device to walk your dog like the Pooch Pacer. This slim pet gadget discreetly attaches to your dog’s collar and leash. When the Pooch Pacer detects an increase in tension, it emits a soft beep reminding Fido to come closer to you. Let’s inspect this useful training product.

Get alerts when it’s time to reset your walk

Pooch Pacer is easy to use. Simply clip the gadget between your dog’s collar and leash. When this non-punitive dog trainer detects tension on the leash, it emits a gentle audio signal. This lets you and your dog know the leash has been pulled. Thus, it is possible to “reset” by bringing the dog to your side and rewarding him with a treat when he behaves well. It’s a gentle, gentle workout method that puts both of you at ease.

Choose positive reinforcement training

There are more invasive training options such as choke, shock and spike collars. But, according to the company, these products can actually damage the dog’s airways and prevent behavior correction. On the other hand, sound-based training and positive reinforcement have been used by animal professionals for decades with solid results. And the Pooch Pacer is similar, as it guides the dog to walk by combining gentle, automatic cues with treats, namely positive reinforcement.

Choose a hands-free training method

While a sound-based training method sounds great, when you’re trying to steer your dog away from oncoming traffic, it can be hard to remember to click a sound button. For this reason, the inventors of this non-punitive dog training device have come up with a hands-free sound training method. Since the Pooch Pacer automatically sounds its alarm when the leash tension increases, there’s no need to remember to use it.

Hook up this delicate training device for dogs of all sizes

Another of the best features of the Pooch Pacer is that it is suitable for all dogs, regardless of size. So whether you have an awesome German Shepherd or a tiny Chihuahua, this dog training gadget will work for you. Best of all, the device has adjustable sensitivity settings. All you have to do is turn the knob to your desired sensitivity, and you and your furry friend are good to go.

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Choose a dog trainer with a long battery life

You won’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries in this non-punitive dog training device. Its long-lasting lithium battery lasts six months and is easy to replace when it runs out. You will therefore only have to change the battery of the Pooch Pacer twice a year. Which equates to a lot of walking, so much so that you might want to check out our roundup of practical sportswear. Because you want to look good on quick rides.

Use the Pooch Pacer in all weathers

The rain comes when you walk around. Luckily, the Pooch Pacer’s speaker is splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about a few annoying raindrops destroying the speaker. Thanks to a state-of-the-art membrane film, moisture stays outside the speaker while allowing audio waves to pass easily. It’s the same foil used to protect high-end sports headphones, so you can be sure it’s effective.

Keep this workout gadget in your pocket

As a dog owner, you already carry bags, a leash and maybe other accessories with you on your walks. Luckily, this non-punitive dog training device is only 90mm long by 17mm wide. So it slips easily into your pocket when not in use. Otherwise, you can keep it in a purse or backpack without realizing it.

It insures even the strongest dogs

Although the Pooch Pacer has a small form factor, it’s also pretty solid. In fact, according to the company’s Kickstarter page, this product is designed to withstand any degree of pulling, keeping your dog safe on a leash. The attachment loop is made of forged steel which is as durable as any leash.

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Choose the Pooch Pacer for a variety of training uses

From daily walks in the park to training puppies in the yard, this non-punitive dog trainer is the perfect gadget for a variety of training needs. The company writes that it is possible to use the Pooch Pacer with rescue dogs, blind dogs, and puppies. It’s also a great gadget for dog companions/trainers and owners who want to keep an extra hand free on walks.

The Pooch Pacer is a useful device for owners and their dogs. Use a gentle reminder tone to bring your pup back to your side on walks. It is easy to use, effective and suitable for all dogs. Improve your dog’s walking skills and build a better relationship with them by using this non-punitive dog training device.

The Pooch Pacer dog training device usually costs $89, but you can pre-order it on Kickstarter for $39. Do you own dog gadgets? Let us know about them in the comments.

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