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Do you want to improve your eBike experience? Then discover the Svitch Bike. It folds up into a compact shape and travels up to 80 miles. And when you want to recharge this beautiful eBike, the process only takes 2.5 hours. Keep reading this blog post to learn more.
This foldable VAE takes you further thanks to its interchangeable battery technologySvitch Bike unfolded, outdoors

Go further than you ever thought possible on an e-bike with the Svitch Folding Electric Bike. This gadget can travel up to 80 miles. Best of all, its 2.5 hour quick charge feature means it’s ready for you when you need it again. Suitable for urban journeys and thrills, this fantastic electric bike changes the way you travel.

You love your eBike, but it has one – no, some – downsides. First of all, storing it in your apartment is difficult – you end up keeping it in the hallway. And you can only drive it about 25 miles before it needs recharging. And then spend half a day on the charger to reach 100%. But luckily, e-bike technology keeps improving, and the Svitch Bike is proof of that. This alternate-looking e-bike solves these puzzles and more.

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Fold this beautiful e-bike for compact storage

Do your roommates complain about the space your eBike takes up in the hallway or living room? Well, you can trade it in for the Svitch bike. Its foldable function makes your life easier. All you have to do is pedal, turn, bend and repeat. When folded, this e-bike takes on a compact shape that’s easy to store in the car or store in a closet.

Travel up to 80 miles with this long-range e-bike

This foldable e-bike also lets you travel longer – up to 80 miles. This is a huge improvement over the 25-50 mile range of most e-bikes. This range is everything thanks to its Swappable Battery technology. So if you live near your office, you could probably commute with this bike for an entire week without having to recharge it. And, of course, it’s great for adventure travel.

Recharge the Svitch Bike in just 2.5 hours

That’s right, it only takes 2.5 hours to bring this folding bike back to 100%. And it’s easy to do because the Svitch Bike can be charged in 2 ways. Remove the battery and charge it with Svitch’s quick charger or plug the charging cable into the charging port on the left side of the bike.

Take a quick and safe trip

With the Svitch Bike’s 25 mph top speed, you won’t have to worry about being late for work, meetings or appointments. This speed lets you navigate traffic as you move around town. Plus, with 5 pedal-assist modes, you’ll get to your destination safely and sweat-free.

Choose from a range of colors

Ask anyone: color matters. And when you invest in an e-bike, you want its style to match yours. Luckily, this foldable e-bike comes in a range of gorgeous hues, including Scarlet Red, Yankee Yellow, Dark Tungsten, and Midnight Sapphire. The MXE series also includes Ultramarine Tarzan and Tangarine Orange.

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Feel confident with the frame and disc brakes

This foldable electric bike is strong enough. That’s thanks to its 6061 aluminum aircraft frame. It’s lightweight and sleek. It also has internal cables and a compartment for the battery and controller. In addition, the 160 mm mechanical disc brakes keep this sturdy bike safe.

Enjoy 2 types of screens with this superb electric bike

When you’re riding, you need stats about your ride and what’s ahead. To keep you informed, the Svitch Bike has 2 different screens: color LCD and backlit LCD. They are positioned on the cockpit and allow you to see the battery life, the level of pedal assistance, the distance traveled, the current speed and much more.

Tackle any terrain with air suspension and big tires

This foldable electric bike is ideal for all types of terrain, even the most uneven ones. This is due to its Dual Mozo air suspension which includes Mozo suspension front and rear lockable. In addition, the large tires help you pedal smoothly and quickly on any type of terrain.

Get power and force with Shimano shifters

If you want your bike to climb a steep hill or descend one, you need reliable shifters. Fortunately, the Svitch bike is equipped with Shimano 7 and 8 speed gears for power, strength and performance all rolled into one. It helps you do a cardio workout regardless of the terrain.

Look at the models in this range

To meet the different needs of users, the Svitch Bike is available in 4 different models of folding electric bikes. Let’s take a look.

Svitch MXE

The Svitch MXE is the bike for you if you’re looking for the thrill of life. This compact and lightweight model is easy to carry both on public transport and when travelling. It also has a bright 300 lux front light and a one-click foldable handlebar.

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Svitch XE

The Svitch XE has a multi-terrain design with its large 20 x 4 tires and Svitch Motor design. It can withstand running on beaches, hills, gravel and more. And the twist throttle, along with the one-touch light and horn button, will make this rugged e-bike a real pleasure on your outdoor adventures.

Svitch XE+

For a complete electric bike, look no further than the Svitch XE+. It features Dual Mozo air suspension and an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain system. So you can be sure that you will get into your cardio when riding this bike. It also has a colorful LCD screen and an easy-to-charge battery slot.

Svitch SXE

Finally, the Svitch SXE is the company’s limited-edition e-bike. It comes with the crazy acceleration power of Svitch. According to the company, this feature makes this model super fun to drive. Plus, a 500-watt Svitch hub motor keeps it full of power.

The Svitch Bike is an exciting personal vehicle.

Not only does it fold up into a compact shape, but it travels up to 80 miles and goes as fast as 25 miles per hour. Charging is quick and convenient, and 5 levels of pedal assist help you travel with ease. Finally, this bike is ideal for everything from your errands in the city to your rides in nature. If you’re looking for a cool alternative to an eBike, choose the Svitch Bike.

The Svitch Bike folding e-bike typically costs $1,300. You can pre-order it on Indiegogo for $650. What do you like about electric bikes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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