The cryptocurrency of the future. Here’s what to invest in

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The cryptocurrency of the future

Looking for a guide who can show you in detail what cryptocurrency of the future more interesting currently in circulation? Alright, you just found it! In this in-depth analysis, we will provide you with all the information that we consider essential to approach these new or in any case new digital currencies on the market.

Obviously, if already for the the most established cryptocurrencies the discourse of extreme volatility and uncertainty that characterizes them is valid, especially since this discourse refers to emerging countries. In any case, in the following lines we will give you some advice which however – it must be clear – can in no way replace the financial assessments of experts in the sector.

Also because you mean business with cryptocurrencies: there is the possibility of making a lot of money, but also of losing so much. Especially for those approaching this world, advice and tutorials from the most experienced brokers and analysts are essential. That said, take a few minutes off: we’re sure once you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll have a clearer picture of everything. But don’t wait any longer, let’s go!

The cryptocurrency of the future

Cryptocurrency of the future-2

When we talk about cryptocurrency of the future we are referring to those emerging digital currencies that are attracting the attention of investors. Emerging yes, but with a future that according to analysts could be really rosy (see also Where to invest 1000 euros in Crypto).

however, the conditional is essential: cryptocurrencies are volatile by definition and generally characterized by underlying uncertainty. In fact, the market moves with such rapidity that it must be constantly monitored.

That said, here is a list of digital currencies that can become the cryptocurrency of the future:

  • EOS
  • NEO
  • Binance Coin
  • bitcoin money
  • Maker

Below we will analyze each of these cryptocurrencies, here is everything in detail.


Already available on various brokers and exchanges, EOS is a cryptocurrency born about two years ago. However, few are still familiar with it, and very few have ever framed its potential. Among other things, it allows develop dApps on its network and has a significant competitive advantage within the industry. Thanks to his technological level achieved, a mix of Bitcoin and Ethereum functionality. To be evaluated absolutely.


Many analysts and investors are convinced that NEO will have a bright future ahead of it. It’s about a open-source community with transparent management of the cryptocoin and the network with which it is organized. Available on all major brokers and exchanges in the market.

Binance Coin

Perhaps this cryptocurrency will look familiar to you. And you’re not mistaken: it’s the token created by the Binance exchange itself. At the moment, we can say without a doubt that it is one of the most interesting emerging cryptocurrencies to invest in right now. Firstly because it was put into circulation by one of the strongest exchanges in the world.

bitcoin money

Simply the most important bitcoin fork present in the market, Bitcoin Cash is gaining prominent positions within the market in question. A project that has already solidified, despite its young age (read our guide on Where to invest 1000 euros in Crypto).

Manufacturer (DAI)

Currently Maker is one of the most traded cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, and it is no coincidence: from 2020 to today, it is one of the digital currencies that has climbed the most positions. It has undeniable qualities: it is a stable and decentralized currency, a very interesting project with prospects.

Cryptocurrency of the future

Cryptocurrency of the future-3

So we have seen what is the cryptocurrency currency of the future to be monitored more closely. We’ve picked out five, but there are plenty more that we’ll see in other previews. It only remains for us to give you an appointment at the next one, hoping that our guide will have been useful to you in practice and advise you to see Etoro, if you don’t already know him. Here is a guide that could be for you: How much do I earn if I invest 1000 euros in Bitcoin

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