The best green gadgets of 2022

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The best green gadgets of 2022

THE ecological gadgets are increasingly popular and appreciated both as gift ideas for friends or family who love branded gifts offer to its employees or customers.

Why buy green gadgets?

Be careful with environment and eco-sustainability has experienced exponential growth in recent years, thanks in particular to global thematic movements and eventsdetermined to counter the disastrous effects of a lifestyle that is not very respectful of the environment.

FridaysForFuture it is only the most famous of these movements. Born spontaneously from an idea of Greta Thunberg, an activist of only 17 years old, she represents well the philosophy and ideology of a green and environmentally friendly way of life.

Initiatives such as the one just mentioned have also played a fundamental role in guiding the political actions of many governments. In this sense, it is fundamental the 2030 Agenda, the program of the United Nations, summary in 17 macro lenseswhich should guide governments, institutions, businesses and citizens in adopting an increasingly sustainable way of life.

Even before at the political level, it seems that these environmental protection initiatives have affected the citizens which today show a growing commitment to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

This new attention to the environment is also reflected in consumption individuals, increasingly concerned with avoiding unnecessary purchases, preferring products made with recycled and eco-sustainable materials.

For this reason, when it comes to corporate merchandisingopting for eco-sustainable gifts is important both to respect the environment and to communicate effectively i your company values.

Discover the best ecological gadgets that we have selected for you and go green!

Growtree: when a tree is born from a gadget

One of the most impacting environmental problems for the planet concerns the process of Deforestation. To stem this problem, various strategies can be implemented such as contain the paper consumptionprefer objects made with recycled paper and initiate a process of reforestation.

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THE consumers they seem genuinely interested in actively contributing to reforestation. From this realization, he was born make the tree grow, a line that includes many items containing pine seedswhich can be planted to repopulate the land with new resistant trees.

Indeed, the pines grow very quickly (more than 30 centimeters per year), helping to absorb a large amount of CO2 and produce oxygen.

Grow a tree offers many articles, including a simple but complete gardening kit, which includes a pot, seeds and detailed instructions for planting the tree. Among the most structured articles we find this one notebookmade up of 72 lined and wire-bound pageswhich incorporates pine seeds (pinus nigra) ready to give new life to the planet.

Gardening kit with seed pot and eco-friendly packaging pine seed notebook

All the gadgets belonging to the line have been designed with non-printed parts and it will be possible to personalize them with the name and logo of your company.

Dairy dream, gadgets made with recycled milk carton

Dairy Dream notebook derived from recycled milk cartonsStill on the theme of recycled paper objects, we also offer the Dairy Dream Collection produced from recycled milk carton waste.

the paper recycling processalthough it is not yet carbon neutral at the moment, it is much less polluting compared to the traditional production process.

For its production, we start from old papers which, when chopped, turns into semi-finished. This compound is in turn processed by a special machine which serves as spread, dehydrate and squeeze the dough through different rollers, until the final winding into coils.

And it is precisely from this process that the Dairy Dream articles have been created, which include a selection of post-its and notepads from different shapes and sizes. You just have to choose the best to represent your business and count on us to customize it with the right technique.

Shopper Naima Tote, the eco-friendly bag

Custom Hemp BuyerBetween most purchased personalized gadgets we always find the customer: useful for everyday use, easy to transport and customizable in all their components.

But, the reason why they are increasingly requested by our clients, is the fact that they are the ecological gadget par excellence. This is because they can be produced in eco-sustainable materials, avoiding the use of plastic.

There are many materials with which to create durable personalized shopping bags, but we want to offer you ours in a special way Naima hemp tote.

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Indeed, this fabric has innumerable advantages: it stays cool in summer and warm in winter, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties and his extremely long lasting: its tear resistance is three times higher than that of cotton.

In general, we would like to advise you to favor the purchase of textile products in this material because, compared to cotton for example, the hemp plant to be cultivated it requires little water and also a reduced use of pesticides.

Durability even at breakfast: cup and thermos made of oak wood

To ensure that the choice to use sustainable materials (eco-responsible-materials-for-sustainable-merchandising/) become a priority for every inhabitant of the planet, it is important that daily use objects are made from environmentally friendly raw materials.

To meet this need, we have included many catalogs in our catalogs personalized and ecological kitchen utensils. Among them stands out the Travis set made up of cup and thermos done in real Oak wood.

Personalized mug and thermos in oak wood

Since these objects are produced from raw wood, totally natural, their first characteristic is uniqueness. Indeed, each gadget made from this material has a different color and shades, which makes each piece purchased unique and inimitable.

Going deeper, we can analyze main Features of Personalized thermos: light and spacious, it is an insulating void in stainless steel double layer, equipped with oak lid And additional infuser for tea.

It is therefore the perfect object for those who, for travel or for work, do not have the possibility of having breakfast at home, but do not want to give up sipping their coffee, tea or infusion while still hot. .

Jabony bathroom set: recycled glass objects for every corner of the house

Recycled Glass Bathroom SetOur journey through the best green gadgets of 2022 continues with i personalized gadgets made from recycled glass.

For it to be possible to create objects from glass, it is essential to carry out a correct recycling and disposal of this material and in this field Italy obtains a good position in the world ranking. In Europe, for example, we are second only to Germany the amount of glass recycled each year.

After the glass recycling process is completed properly, different materials can be obtained, including health products glass ceramic, bricks, artificial grass, sand for golf courses and of course other glass objects.

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There are many recycled glass proposals present in our catalogs, but we particularly want to highlight the Jabony custom bathroom set. Made up of a soap dispenser, a glass and a soap dishis a gadget much appreciated for its usefulness, originality and practicality (all parts of the set can be washed in the dishwasher).

Bamboo personal care gadgets, the green turn of beauty

Customizable bamboo brushes in different sizesPreferring the purchase of wooden objects is in itself an ecological choice, but there is a particularly durable type of wood: the bamboo.

This plant helps absorb CO2 of the atmosphere and produces more oxygen compared to the average of all other trees. As well, grows very fastdoes not require a large amount of water and is extremely durable, even in adverse weather conditions.

Bamboo is increasingly popular in the beauty sector: among the best ecological gadgets of 2022 we emphasize the customizable bamboo brushes.

You can choose between the hair brush with bamboo bristles perfect for detangling, straightening and shaping all hair types, the face brush with super soft fibers and bamboo handle, excellent for removing make-up and cleaning the face or we can study together how to compose a innovative beauty box.

Write and draw without impact with K’arst pencils

We conclude our ranking of the best green gadgets of 2022 with the K’arst Pencil Set, a perfect item for love of drawing And of writing.

Full woodfree graphite pencil

The particularity of these pencils is that they are entirely in graphite and therefore have a totally wood-free frame, reducing the consumption of this material.

The advantage of graphite is its own extreme resistance; K’arst pencils last 5 times longer than wooden pencils.

Their solidity is also perceptible to the touchin fact they offer a pleasant feeling when held in hand for writing and freehand drawing.

Finally, if they are traditionally tempered, they can be used for draw sharp lines. Alternatively, they can be ticked off to accomplish more expressive features or light shades.

Progetto Moda personalizes your eco-responsible business gadgets

Personalized eco-friendly gadgets can better convey your corporate brand vision.

And to personalize them, you can count on Progetto Moda, which has always chosen and used only the best technologiesat a final price that is more than advantageous for our customers.

Contact us without obligationtell us your idea and together, if you wish, we will make it happen.

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