The best gadgets for summer 2021

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The best gadgets of summer 2021: same range, new gadgets

What will be the best gadgets of summer 2021? To understand this, we need to think about the favorite destinations and activities of Italians. We are coming from fashion project we have compiled a top ten of the most purchased summer gadgets from our catalogs

A new Italian summer

There is surely a strong desire to have fun and above all to return to travelafter the long months of confinement.

However, even more than last summer, the Italians have chosen to enjoy the beauties of our peninsula, so as not to have to worry green pass and other certifications required to fly abroad.

The destinations? Not only the sea, but also a great desire to recharge your batteries in the mountain resorts and to rediscover the most famous cities of art.

It is precisely following this discovery desire to travel and to carefree brought by the holidays, which are inspired by the most popular gadgets of summer 2021. The summer period can in fact be considered, for many reasons, as an excellent time to invest in personalized gadgets and thanks to Progetto Moda and its assistance and advice service, you can discover the best techniques to manufacture quality promotional gadgets.

The 10 must-have gadgets for summer 2021

Here are the top 10 most purchased personalized summer gadgets from our catalogs, inspired by three keywords: originality, functionality and ecology.

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1 beauty bag

Among the best-selling travel items is the beauty kit. It can be chosen in different materials and personalized with the name and logo of the company. We offer it here in a double version: waterproof in silicone or eco-friendly, in soft and resistant hemp.

Soft hemp toiletry bag Black waterproof beauty bag

2 Portable Travel Kit

Another very useful and appreciated gadget is the travel set Including headrest, eye mask and ear plugs.

These accessories are found inside a flexible and light case, customizable thanks to different techniques and processes.

Travel set consisting of a mask, earplugs and an inflatable pillow

3 Anti-theft backpack

Talk about personalized travel items we can not not mention it among the best gadgets anti-theft backpackwhich also allows you to travel by public transport in peace.

This backpack has a closure with three digital combination locks and allows you to enjoy every trip in complete safety. Moreover, it is characterized by comfort backrest, laptop compartment and one cable per door USB: perfect for reusing in the office after returning from vacation.

Anti-theft travel backpack with comfort backrest

4 sun visors

As you have read, many compatriots will also spend their holidays in Italy to avoid crowded planes or trains.

So anyone who travels by car will definitely appreciate these sun visors in aluminum with metal reinforcement rings, perfect to be customized by our workshops.

5 inflatable ball

The big protagonist of summer 2021 is definitely sport. The Italians followed with great enthusiasm both i european football championships that the Olympic Games.

For this reason, we could not not include the inflatable balloon: light, colorful and easily transportable, it deflates and fits in a suitcase. Also in this case we can customize it with the colors of your logo … or with those of the Italian flag to celebrate the Azzurri victory at the European Championships.

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In addition, to make the game even more attractive, all you need is our inflatable “door”: equipped with a net, it can be personalized with the company logo.

Customizable inflatable ball Inflatable soccer goal for the beach

6 Beach Tennis

This year, Italy has also distinguished itself in the field of tennis: Matteo Berretini was the first Italian in history reach the final of the prestigious Wimbledon tournament.

This explains why among the best gadgets of summer 2021 there are also snowshoes. Always a beloved item for fun during beach days.

Also for the snowshoes we have two proposals for you: classic, ecological thanks to the wooden handle or an original model Game, with a checkerboard printed on the back. In this way, when you want to rest under the umbrella, you can always avoid boredom by devoting yourself to a game of chess

7 portable playing cards

Our top 10 also includes gadgets dedicated to those who prefer more relaxing activities. Indeed, among the best-selling products in our catalogs, we also find the portable playing cards: always in great demand because used at all ages, they are contained in a customizable cardboard box.

Set of travel cards with customizable packaging

8 Inflatable mattress

Among the objects in our ranking, the one that will most mark vacationers looking for relaxation is the inflatable mattress.

By following the latest trends, we can help you choose not only the model and color you prefer, but also the most suitable shape. In fact, by browsing our catalogs, you can choose from a wide selection of rugs, such as those shaped like pizza or flip flops you see below.

9 Fleece blanket and water bottle

Among the best gadgets, there are two perfect for mountain lovers: the foldable fleece blanket and water bottle.

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The blanket we offer is extremely light (it weighs less than 160 grams) and ideal to carry; moreover, thanks to its case, it can also be attached to the trekking backpack. This article will satisfy even lovers of camping who can use it with an extra blanket on colder evenings.

Another must for a successful trek is here canteen. Among our proposals we suggest this model in aluminum: light, spacious, perfect for keeping drinks cold and equipped with a flannel, which allows the exterior of the backpack to make the most of the interior space.

Aluminum bottle with water bottle for trekking backpack

10 Fan and mini-fan

Finally, among the most requested gadgets, there are all those objects that can be used to give relief on the hottest days.

The most classic proposal is obviously the folding fan. There are many models and materials, but the most traditional and above all more ecological is the wooden onewhich can always be personalized with the company logo and name.

A more “modern” alternative is rather the mini fan compact and colorful, it is also equipped with a small spray bottle to fill with water and spray to cool off and fight against the summer heat.

Portable fan with water vaporizer

Contact us to customize your ideas

If you have found an interesting product among the best personalized summer gadgets of summer 2021 and want to know how to personalize it, you can contact us by filling out this short form. Or, if you want to develop an original idea, you can consult the page dedicated to our catalogs: let yourself be inspired by the many proposals contained and we will help you, with our advice and support service, choose the best gadget and the most suitable technique to personalize it.

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