The best custom gadgets to put together a running kit

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Marathon runners, cyclists, jockeys and swimmers: these are just a few of the sportsmen than to participate in competitions of their disciplines use sports accessories who accompany them in the realization of their performances.

I would choose custom gadgets giving to athletes, however, is not easy. You must choose the items taking into account both the type of sport, the modalities and the place where the competition will take place, without forgetting to personalize them making them unique and original. In this article you will find all the most useful tips and indications to create the perfect custom racing kit!

Why Invest in a Custom Race Kit

Giving athletes a race pack requires a economic investment rather important. However, if Gifted Gadgets are chosen wisely by combining them with a quality customizationthey can give a excellent feedback.

Sporting events are characterized by a broad public participation and therefore it is often companies that offer themselves as sponsorpersonally taking care of the creation of the racing kits.

Let’s see together three good reasons therefore, a company should invest in such gadgets.

1. They simplify the bidding process and spread the brand image in the media

First of all, it should be noted that in most sporting events gadgets are indispensable, because functional to performance as well as competitions.

If you think, for example, of dance competitionwhere the dancers compete directly on the floor and dance in pairs at the same time as the challengers, becomes fundamental for the jury refer to numbers (usually printed on a personalized bib) to distinguish between different athletes.

The more structured and famous races are also taken to be aired on TV or streamedand in these situations there is also I commentators. Their task is precisely to comment on the course of the race to help the public follow more carefully it’s up to understand the score final awarded by the jury or decisions made by the referees.

Considering therefore that some sport stuff they are absolutely necessary at different stages of the races, they give the certainty to the sponsors who finance them of gain visibility both among the spectators present and, in the case of recorded competitions and tournaments, among the local public. In short, an excellent strategy for improve recognizability of a brand.

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2. They improve athlete performance by stimulating recovery

It is very important that the gadgets included in the kit provided to athletes are best quality, as they may affect their performance. This is especially true when it comes to sportswear: it is extremely important to choose the best technical clothing, which must be lightweight, breathable And wearing to washes.

Thus, for many companies, becoming a sponsor of major events is an opportunity to to be appreciated by athletes. Thanks to the race kit, they have the possibility of know and test the products of a specific brand and, if the experience is positive, to buy them independently, even outside the context of competition.

This is the strategy chosen by many sports brands well known as nike And adidas, who have specialized in the sponsorship of sporting events, with the aim of hitting not only the public but also the participants themselves.

3. Strengthen team spirit in teams, capture the attention of managers

Race Kits are provided not only to athletes competing individually, but also in team competitions.

Just like racing uniforms too custom sports gadgets contribute to reinforce the feeling of belonging to the team, a very important feeling which helps the athletes to engage with more conviction during competitions or tournaments, whatever the sport in question.

Thus, for corporate sponsors, investing in race kits including quality items becomes an opportunity to be chosen by sports clubs for the creation of other training materials, thus continuing to enrich its own brand awareness in the sports sector.

The must-have gadgets in a memorable running kit

As we have seen, there are several reasons why a company should consider become a sponsor in the field of sports, providing personalized gadgets to athletes.

However, for sponsorship to be truly useful in reaching marketing objectives prefixed, it is necessary to create functional, quality and original racing kits at the same time.

Among the elements to take into consideration for the composition of these tributes we find the kind of sportsthe period in which the competition will take place and all Registration fees which the athletes supported to participate. In fact, the higher it is registration feesthe higher the quality of the material provided.

Before starting to compose the kit, however, a final distinction should be made between universal gadgets And originals.

Universal gadgets: useful in any context and sport discipline

These gadgets are the ones we use a little in all events, simply because useful to the realization of the sporting event itself.

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They certainly belong to this category i bibs or dorsals. These items serve to make athletes easily recognizable in the eyes of the judges and are available in different sizes and fabricswhich must be chosen according to the competition in which they are worn.

the backpack or choke bag, it is another symbolic gadget of the competition contexts, since it serves to contain the different gadgets, thus making the distribution between the participants faster.

Personalized pure cotton crotch backpack with zipperCustom choke bag made of durable Rpet

Athletes tend to use it throughout race duration and therefore they need an accessory that does not hinder their movements, for this reason it must be: small, light and possibly waterproof, especially if it is intended for outdoor sports.

Other custom gadget essential for sporting events is the badge holder. These are simple laces that allow you to hang a badge or one ID card around the neck of the participants, which makes it possible to immediately distinguish the athletes, the coaches and the members of the organization staff.

Customizable satin choker Customizable satin choker

In short, the function is similar to bibs, but I badge holder they are also more usable in everyday life and for this reason they are excellent promotional items. In fact, they can be used as keychain, remote control port or to hang light objects such as glasses.

Among the most distributed gadgets during sporting events we also find the custom caps. These are generally very popular with athletes both in summer, because they help protect them from the sun, and in winter, because they help them maintain their body temperature. It will therefore be essential to choose the most suitable equipment depending on when the event will take place.

They are often chosen by companies because they are easily customizable with embossed logos high quality and why, being unisex sportswear, they do not necessarily have to be produced in the dual male/female version, another element to consider in order to respect the established budget.

The original personalized sports gadgets, perfect for attracting attention

All belong to this category series of articlesgenerally always related to the sports field, but which are not necessarily used during the race itself.

One of the most representative gadgets of the kits is certainly the custom t shirt. Whereas in team sports it has to be must be worn by athletes because it is an integral part of the uniform, however it is also very popular in individual sports, because it is often decorated with the name and date of the race and therefore becomes a means of having a memory of the experience just lived.

As this is a gadget designed to be worn during exercise, it is essential that it is made of technical equipment and offering a good fit. For the press, our advice is to always focus on bright colors And captivating graphicswhich include those created to promote the event.

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Custom Tubular ChokerAnother typical racing kit gimmick is the personalized choker. The most chosen model is that of a tubular shape, because it can be used in various ways: as a neck and throat protector, as a bandana to protect the ears from the wind and, if the length allows it, to protect the nose and mouth from the cold.

One of the coolest things about neck warmers is that it’s almost always about unisex items and one size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about the size.

Again, the main thing to consider is the material. For spring and summer, it should be chosen in ultralight and breathable fabricwhile for the cold season it is better to opt for thermal materials such as wool and polypropylene.

Another gadget most requested by athletes is the personalized water bottle, because it allows them to always stay hydrated during sports activities with water or energy drinks.

Usually those included in the race kit show both the logo of the event and that of the brand sponsoring it and must have as their main characteristic the hermetic closure, precisely because they are used on the go. In addition, in the field of sports, we always recommend prefer insulated bottlesthat keep drinks at the right temperature even during outdoor workouts.

Fitness bracelet with personalized braceletIf, on the other hand, the budget available to compose the kit is more substantial, you can consider including a fitness bracelet.

These accessories are particularly suitable for athletes because they are able to help them monitor and record certain biological functions such as sleep patterns, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation. All this data can then be used to improve the psycho-physical well-being and the performance athletes

There are many bracelets or trackers available in the market and the price varies according to functions that I am capable of accomplishing andautonomy available to them after charging.

Trust Progetto Moda to put together the perfect match kit

We can therefore summarize the characteristics that a race pack must have: contain quality items, which support athletes in their performance; include gadgets that rto entertain both the logo of the event and that of the sponsor; adapt to the season in which the competition or tournament in which it will be distributed will take place.

Contact us now: we’ll help you design the perfect racing kit!


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