The bay of the pirates Italy | Site and Proxies

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The bay of the pirates Italy

Looking for a guide that can show you in detail where to find The bay of the pirates Italy and how can I visit the site? Alright, you found it! In this in-depth analysis, we will give you all the tips to succeed in your intention and understand what is currently the working URL to access this historical site and watch the content inside.

But first, we want to clarify one aspect. With this in-depth analysis, we do not want to encourage online piracy in any way: the content that we will report below is in no way intended to promote illegality, but is for informational purposes only. We therefore assume no responsibility for what you do with it.

That said, take a few minutes off: we’re sure once you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll have a clearer picture. But call for delays, are you ready? Perfect, let’s go!

Pirates Bay Italia Proxy

The bay of pirates Italy-2

If you search on Google for Pirates Bay Italy chances are you are reading this article. In fact, at Infodrones, we often cover our pages of free streaming sites, their evolution, dead and risen, and totally new ones. As for Pirate Bay, we have good news.

As of this writing (but things change really fast, so we’ll update this article if there are any major upheavals) the working url is: So it’s about Pirates Bay Italian Proxy. The proxy is a server that allows the user and the site of origin to communicate: the best are those with a green padlock and which authorize the HTTPS connection (find out how to solve the problem of Http 403 access denied).

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The interface of the portal in question is simple, clear and extremely effective. So much so that it resembles that of Google, with the search bar in the center. Simply enter the name of the desired content and then click on the “Search for pirates” button, or optionally simply press the “Enter” key

The torrents present on the site are organized as follows:

  • audio
  • Video
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Porn
  • Other

This last category, the other, by selecting it will give you real pearls. Once the search is complete and the content that interests us is found, it is possible to proceed to torrent download from TBP. For this, the magnet links are very useful: you just have to click on the little magnet under the name and the torrent client will open, which will ask you if you want to add the download (read more about Torrent Tracker).

The Pirates Bay is a Torrent site where you can find everything: in the past it has certainly been one of the most famous torrent search methods, both for the large catalog made available and for the complex legal events it has encountered.

Founded in 2003 by the “Swedish Pirate Party”, it remained online for many years, becoming a real institution in the world of torrents. These are one of the methods of P2P file sharing preferred by users in each country.

Pirates Bay website

The bay of pirates Italy-3

You should now have an image on The bay of the pirates Italy and on the site you can visit. Although torrents are certainly an outdated system compared to more modern online streaming sites, such as Netflix Prima Video, Now TV, etc. Which in addition to being faster, ad-free and working flawlessly, are also inexpensive.

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Before saying goodbye, we would like to reiterate that we take no responsibility for how you will use the content of this article, which is purely informative. Hacking is an illegal activity, which we do not want to encourage in any way.

That said, so all that remains is to make an appointment for the next one, hoping that our guide has been useful to you in practice. Read also: Streaming Starlive

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