The 8 must-have gadgets for your bookstore

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The 8 must-have custom gadgets for your library

To set up a library of success, it is essential that I gadget sold indoors capture the attention of visitors at first glance. Why can we help you design them? Because personalized gadgets have been our passion and mission for over 30 years!

Layout of the bookstore: a few basic rules

Before going into detail, let’s see together what are the rules to follow to seduce visitors to enter your library.

Include designer items among the pieces for sale

Activities that host a library there are many within them: museums, archaeological sites or sites of tourist interest, theatres, exhibitions, amusement parks, religious places, universities and even some hotels or restaurants are equipped with them.

For this reason, as you will soon read, there are gadgets suitable for all sectors, but it is also important to create some unique and design pieces.

The reason tourists buy personalized items from bookstores is the idea of ​​”taking” with them most exciting times or whatever the most evocative objects related to the experience they have just had.

Among the many shops created inside famous monuments, the shop of Buckingham Palace is a prime example: England is famous for the traditional ‘five o’clock tea’ and many of the Queen’s tea sets can be seen in the palace rooms open to the public.

Tourists want to take some of the objects related to this ritual with them to relive it even when they return home. For this reason, the richest section of their shop includes several porcelain collections from designer cups, cutlery and teapotsdecorated and personalized with the coat of arms of the royal family.

Design objects for bookstores

Store design using visual merchandising techniques

To invite visitors to enter a bookstore, you also have to think about the right preparation of the sales area.

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In the meantime, it is necessary to clearly indicate whether there is a shop available, both at the beginning and at the end of the path. To do this, you can rely on elements of visual hagglinglike, how banner or roll up, be strategically positioned and constructed to be consistent with the overall picture of the exhibition site (the logos, images, signs and other distinctive signs must always be kept).

In general, it is always good to follow marketing techniques to furnish the space, creating where possible thematic space to highlight the different products on sale.

We will not fail to mention, among the most skilful in organizing shops with thematic spaces, the shops Disney theme parks. Inside the parks, in fact, there are several shops all designed with different furniture inspired by the most famous Disney cartoons.

Invest in skilled staff and custom uniforms

Another key element for your library to perform at its best is the staff.

First, it is important that the employed at Sales are prepared to respond to any curiosity or questions from tourists: the image and credibility of the whole activity are at stake!

A good way to look professional, also useful for showcasing the company logo, is to create custom uniforms for the attendants, who, if possible, also take over those of other employees, such as those of the guides or the ticket office staff. This way you also maintain certainty stylistic consistency and image.

The 8 must-have custom gadgets for your library

Now let’s see which objects or that agift itemscorrectly personalized, they should not never miss in a bookstore.

1. Personalized shopping bags

Custom shoppers are definitely one of the most purchased gadgets by our customers. The reasons are many: these bags are light and functional and should not be combined with the outfit of the day; to allow to To save money avoid paying for the bag provided by stores; I am eco-sustainablebecause they help reduce plastic consumption.

They are a great item to sell in your bookstore because, being pretty economic, they are often purchased by visitors to place other items purchased from the store.

Another strong point of custom buyers is related to their lightness and ease of transport. Creating personalized shopper bags will allow your brand and logo to circulate and be noticed in different places around the world!

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2. Stationery

In your bookstore, a corner dedicated to writing materials. Personalized pens, pencils, diaries, notebooks and notepads are among the most popular items for tourists.

The strength of these gadgets is certainly related to the fact that they are used, albeit for different purposesat any age. Our advice is therefore to offer different articles that are suitable for all visitors.

Another creative solution is to personalized writing setsperfect not only as a souvenir but also as gift items.

Cardboard kit consisting of markers and drawings to color

3. Water bottles and cups

In the list of the most popular gadgets in bookstores they cannot miss personalized water bottles and mugs.

the Bottles of water they are very popular with sportsmen, especially if they are thermal, because they allow him to take his favorite drink with him, keeping it warm in winter and cool and thirst-quenching in summer. Additionally, more and more personalized water bottles are being purchased because they are ecological: tourists tend to choose them to avoid constantly buying plastic bottles, which are increasingly difficult to recycle properly.

Ceramic mug with spoon included

In the “beverages” sector, custom mugs and in our catalogs you can choose from many alternatives by evaluating material, capacity, shape and colors.

4. Sweatshirts and T-shirts

Tourists and travelers like to show who they meet the places they have been, for this reason custom sweaters and t-shirts they are among the most purchased items: they leave visitors with the feeling of being able to “carry” the experience they have just had.

Also in this case, we recommend that you include different models in your library, which adapt both to different ages and portability of visitors, as well as to different seasons. Especially when it comes to sweatshirts, it is important to choose the most suitable fabric depending on the season. Our style office will be able to recommend both the best materials and the personalization techniques more suitable for transferring your company logo to the fabric.

Personalized hoodie with artworkPersonalized t-shirt with a work of art

5. Collectible bookmarks

Many tourists visit bookstores to buy specific items because they make them collection. THE custom bookmarks they unquestionably fall into this category.

Generally, bookmarks are chosen as collectibles because they are smallso easy to pack, e cheap. Among other things, these objects can be found in all souvenir shops and show the most representative works in the case of museums or the funniest attractions in amusement parks. In short, they adapt easily to all activities.

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Personalized bookmarks with illustration

To encourage sales as Gifts, you can consider making small ready-made packs. In this case, we can help you design bags or gift boxes with, for example, a bookmark and personalized notebook or with pencil and eraser.

6. Board Games

Among the personalized gadgets are also very successful custom boxed games.

For this category, you can definitely think of crafting gadgets with ecological materials. Just browse our catalogs to see that the options to choose from are many and very original.

Boxed puzzles that can be personalized with colors and company logoBoxed dominoes with custom packaging with logo

7. Masks, disinfectants & co.

The health emergency caused by the pandemic of COVID-19[feminine] it can now be considered complete, but the virus has not yet been completely defeated. So, at least for the next few months, we will have to continue to respect certain safety rules, such as maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask.

Cover and door opener

For this reason, your customers will certainly expect to find a dedicated space in the bookstore. individual protection equipment. We therefore recommend that you include among the items for sale masks, customizable both in the fabric and in the printed logo and hand sanitizers, available in different scents.

Small article on the subject, imaginative and very appreciated, it is thedoor opener personalized: a small object, available in plastic and metal, to be used to avoid directly touching undisinfected surfaces, such as doors and windows in public places.

8. Tech Gadgets

Today, our lives are increasingly influenced by Technologyfor this reason technological gadgets are among the most sought after and purchased items of the moment.

In your bookstore, therefore, a space dedicated to custom tech gadgets. Also in this case, the possible alternatives are different: from objects that have now come into common use such as headphones and power banks for the smartphone to more original items such as i touch gloves, which will certainly be much appreciated considering the winter season.

Power bank for Iphone and AndroidTactile gloves for smartphones and tablets

Let us guide you in choosing the perfect gadgets for your bookstore

To conclude this article, we want to leave you one last tip related to custom gadgets to integrate into your library: always try to offer your customers original and good quality items so that your brand image benefits.

If our tips intrigued you, use the form below to contact us and get a free quote.

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