Tech Gadgets: 8 Best Proposals for 2022

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Tech gadgets: the 8 best proposals of 2022

THE technological gadgets are part of the objects most searched, bought and desired of the moment, both to make a gift to a loved one or acquaintance and to use them personally.

Thanks to the versatility that characterizes them, it is very easy to find high-tech accessories perfect for virtually anyone, and with this guide it will be even more intuitive and fun to do so.

Do you like to exercise outdoors? Do you like to sing in the shower? Does the person you want to give a gift to travel often or follow a healthy lifestyle? Are you looking for best tech gift ideas?

Read on to find out selection of the best technological accessories of this year 2022 that we have selected for you.

1 – SCX Design padlock: travel safely thanks to technology

Padlock with digital sensor for automatic unlockingOur selection of tech accessories for 2022 starts with a gadget that will be appreciated by both lovers of Technology than those of do you travel.

We talk about the new SCX designer padlock: small and light, less than 60 gramsis the perfect gadget for anyone who loves To travelwith particular attention to safety.

The padlock is in fact equipped with a modern release sensor based on fingerprints and can store up to 10 different footprintsso it can be used simultaneously with multiple fingers.

Another strong point of this accessory is the long battery life: can be used up to 1000 times before having to recharge it. In short, an excellent feature to leave serenely even during very long journeys.

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2 – Speaker SCX Design: a new and bright way to listen to music

Personalized bluetooth speaker with luminous logoBarely added to the catalog, it has already conquered many of our customers: it is the innovative luminous bluetooth speaker. But let’s see in detail its main features.

The loudspeaker that we offer operates in wireless Bluetooth, it is small and portable and has a dual audio output, which allows him to have a unparalleled sound quality for an object of this size.

But the real reason why consumers love this gadget is the special way it can be personalized: thanks to the ilaser engraving it is in fact possible to print on its surface the your company logo in a bright version.

Finally, the enclosure is equipped with a support ringavailable in gold or in moneywhich can be tilted to direct the sound in any direction.

In short: the ideal gadget for every music lover!

3 – Hands sanitized with the Misty Automatic Sensor Nebulizer

Automatic nebulizer with digital hand sensorIn our selection of tech gadgets 2022, we also wanted to include products specially designed to improve the Covid emergency management.

The first article in this category is the Misty Automatic Nebulizer, which is activated by placing the hands under the sensor: a great way to avoid cross infection, because the device is never touched.

The nebulizer of 45ML it is discreet and portable, so it can be used in multiple contexts. For this it is perfect to be positioned in offices and shops make the work environment safe, both for employees and for customers and visitors.

Of course, Misty can also be customized and then used to focus on your brand identity.

4 – Nucleus UV sanitizer: a useful, portable and customizable gadget

Sanitizer for smartphones with integrated wireless chargingAmong the 2022 trends of tech items designed to reduce infections from COVID-19[feminine] we can not not mention ours core sanitizer for smartphones.

the operation of the product is a lot Easy: the lid is open, the smartphone is inserted and once closed just press a button to get one deep sanitation in just 5 minutes. Although Nucleus was designed to disinfect mobile phones, it can also be used to disinfect many small everyday objects, such as keys or headphones.

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The sanitizer also comes with a wireless power bank 10,000 mAh which can recharge the smartphone wired or wireless: Simply place it on the surface of the charging station.

It is therefore a gadget that combines practicality and functionality with elegance: the disinfectant, designed with modern lines, is in fact delivered in a packaging made of high quality and customizable paperperfect to make this gift truly inimitable!

5 – Volantis headphones: 3 hours of non-stop music and podcasts

Customizable wireless headphonesThey’ve been popular for a few years now, ever since Apple launched its own airpods: we are talking about wireless headphones with automatic pairing. In fact, even this year we find them among the most requested custom tech gadgets.

We offer you the Volanti Headphones: ergonomic, wireless and announcement automatic pairingcan be used continuously without recharging for 3 hours, keep company to those who receive them in the context of sports or professional activities.

And when is the time to recharge them? It’s very simple, just insert them into the charging case, customizable with distinctive company signs, which will also take care of carrying out a UV cleaning cycle to sanitize them.

So the Volantis Headphones turn out to be the most trendy gadget of the moment and will be appreciated by all, because they can be paired with both devices. android this advert iOS.

6 – Organizer Klip, the perfect accessory for smartworking

Desktop organizer with integrated wireless charging functionAfter the outbreak of the pandemic, Italians began to experience it smart work and it now seems clear that, even with the emergency over, many will continue to work from home.

This explains why we entered the Klip desk organizer among the best techno gadgets 2022. This accessory is indeed also a charging station wireless 5w, which can also be used to charge devices that do not support this technology through a wireless charging receiver or an external enclosure.

In addition, Klip is made with totally natural materials: 70% limestone And 30% cork. In short, a gadget that will be appreciated not only by geeks and nerds, but also by the most environmentally conscious!

7 – SCX Design lamp for a modern and trendy office

Desk lamp with luminous logo and integrated wireless chargingAlways staying on the subject of gadgets for smart workwe want to introduce you to this Desk lamp which integrates the smartphone charging function.

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The SCX Design lamp is indeed a wireless charging station 10w (although it also includes a door USB for traditional charging), the brightness of which can be adjusted via a button, deciding both the intensity of the light source and the color.

However, the main reason we included it in this list is another: it can be personalized with a luminous logo which is usually printed on the base of the lamp itself. Now, how about if we convinced you to redecorate your desk and office?

8 – Our futuristic notebook with luminous power bank

Notepad with built-in power bank and customizable light tabWe end our selection of 2022 techno gadgets with ours Notepad with integrated luminous power bank, an accessory practical and original for the office, certainly cheaper than the previous one.

This writing pad, consisting of 30 sheets in paper recycled and biodegradablelights up when opened, highlighting the logo printed on the tongue, customizable with company name and logo.

The product is then fitted with a 4000mAh with integrated 3-in-1 cablei.e. usable with Type-C, Android and Apple devices.

It is therefore a small but functional accessory, easy to store both in the bag and in the backpack and perfect to amaze those who will receive it: an everyday object perfectly integrated into innovative technological functions.

Your personalized technological gadgets with Progetto Moda

Technology is an important part of our lives today. For this reason, every successful company must know how to appropriate it and use it to its full potential, also in terms of marketing.

From this point of view, I technological gadgets to offer your customers yesterday, today and tomorrow, they could be the real springboard you need to make that “qualitative leap” you’ve long dreamed of, but didn’t yet know how to do.

Progetto Moda helps you in this adventure. On our catalogs the choice is really wide. We select your gadget together, then customize it using the most effective techniques adapted to your brand.

Do you want to know more? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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