Smartphone accessories: 8 proposals for 2022

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Smartphone accessories: 8 ideas not to be missed

the smart phone accessories now on the market there are so many, the most popular like power bank And listenersup to the most original and amusing ones such as, for example, the smartphone lenses Use to take artistic photos that are perfect for social media.

We have created for you a selection of custom cell phone accessories to have absolutely, but also to take into consideration as tech gift ideas for friends and acquaintances or, why not, for impress your employees with an innovative corporate gift.

After all, who doesn’t use a smartphone? Let’s discover together the best sales of 2022.

1 – Mushroom Bluetooth speaker, dedicated to Super Mario fans

The first personalized smartphone accessory we want to recommend is this cute one bluetooth speaker mushroom-shaped reminiscent of the Super Mushroom present in the video game Super Mario Bros.

Given his strong appeal to the world of video games, it will surely be appreciated by fans of online games.

In addition to its aesthetic aspect, the Feature of this speaker which can connect via bluetooth to the smartphone to listen to music or improve vision videos and films from mobile, thanks to higher volume and of best quality.

The enclosure is equipped with a 180mAh rechargeable lithium battery and has a range of approximately 2 hours. It is recharged using the USB cable contained in the package.

This gadget fits well 7 colors and can therefore be personalized with the colors that best represent your brand.

2 – 16GB wireless drive, pocket-sized cloud

How many times have you ever wanted take photos with the smartphone and not being able to do it on the way full memory? Of course, you can select and delete the less beautiful photos, but why give up some memories if you can solve the problem differently?

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The solution is this pleasure pocket wireless drive from 16 GB in the form of a cloud. The advantage of this accessory is that it makes it immediately available to the extra spaceeliminating the cost of any subscription for cloud services.

Operation is simple and intuitive, each device actually establishes a WIFI connection staff with mobile phone, protected by a Private password.

Thanks to a dedicated app you can then organize, transfer, save and even share your files with up to 6 users.

The package also includes a micro usb cable what to recharge it with.

3 – 360° dual lens camera, essential for any budding influencer

The third personalized smartphone accessory we offer is the perfect gift for everyone photography enthusiasts, for the budding videographers or youtubers and more generally for lovers of social media.

This portable camera is indeed equipped with a dual lens which allows you to take photos and record 360° videos. In short, an innovative object that will help you create social content who stand out.

Using this camera is very simple. To connect it to the phone, just use a micro USB connectoralready included in the box and suitable for all Android devices.

It is then essential to download the associated app with which you can edit both your photos and videos in high quality and then share them directly on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

4 – The SCX Design luminous cable, the essential smartworking tool

During the pandemic emergency, many companies have offered their employees the option of working remotely. This way of working offers great benefits to both parties and for this reason many companies have decided to continue to adopt it in the years to come.

Of course, working smart also requires new tools that allow you to work better even outside the office.

the SCX Design lighting cable meets this need perfectly. In effect, it allows you to connect your mobile to pc to facilitate the transfer of data and at the same time recharge them. At the end of the cable they are then present 3 different types of connectorsthat is to say of c-type, for android and for Iphoneso you can use it with different types of devices.

Another advantage of this item is that it comes in a handy silicone case to be able to carry it easily both in backpacks and briefcases, even when traveling.

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We particularly like this accessory (available in dual color white or black), because the round part of the cable reel is perfect to be personalized with any type of logo.

5 – Qwerty multi-device keyboard, for writing and studying anywhere

The pandemic has pushed not only businesses, but many as well schools and universities to activate the distance lessons. Today, fortunately, students have returned to take face-to-face classes, but no doubt this experience has taught many of them to master the technologyusing it not only in free time but also for studying.

This is why we have included in this ranking the Qwerty multi-device portable keyboard. This accessory can be connected two devices simultaneously (a tablet and a smartphone), thus allowing you to take notes, write texts and why not carry out tasks and exercises directly in digital format.

Qwerty can be connected to any device it supports bluetooth technologyas Smart-TV or the whiteboard LIM.

Finally, thanks to his built-in rechargeable battery from 150 mAh it offers at least 40 hours of use. Fundamental characteristic to be able to exploit it throughout the school or university day.

6 – Wireless charging station, perfect combination of technology and sustainability

As the latest shopping trendsmore and more consumers say they prefer products made in environmentally friendly materials.

Of course, when it comes to technology, it may seem hard to imagine. tech, eco-friendly items. Indeed, thanks to the most recent and innovative manufacturing techniquesthere are accessories on the market today for smartphones, tablets and PCs made with green materials.

At Progetto Moda, we have always been attentive to market trends and we constantly strive to include in our catalogs Environmentally friendly products.

As for personalized smartphone accessories, we would like to offer you this one wireless charging stationmade in rubber and wood with charging cable in recycled PET plasticwhich allows you to charge your mobile phone while you use your computer.

Another highlight of this gadget is that it can be decorated with luminous logo: a fantastic way to associate your brand image with the issue of respect for the environment.

7 – The portable Ring light and the pursuit of the perfect selfie

Available on the market for several years, I “Ring Light” are luminous rings that allow you to illuminate the subject of a photograph correctly and evenly. The smallest and most portable ones come with a specific supportdesigned to clip them onto your smartphone.

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In short, these accessories greatly facilitate the creation of Pictures And quality video and for this reason they are also very popular with youtuber And influencer.

Considered their current popularity we couldn’t not include them in the ranking of the best personalized smartphone accessories of 2022.

The ring light we recommend is a 28 LED Portable Selfie Light which can be easily fixed on a phone or laptop screen with a clip. The white light is adjustable in 3 different brightness levels for perfect exposure to light and the 28 LEDs are positioned in a circle, so as to distribute the light evenly over the entire face.

In conclusion, it is a real tool essential for the content creator and for all selfie lovers, this Can be personalized depending on the type of logo with many different techniques.

8. – GPS locator: your security within reach of your smartphone

The last personalized smartphone accessory we want to recommend is ours luminous GPS locator for cars.

This gadget is indeed a great tool for protect your car against possible thefts, which makes it identifiable anywhere on earth. the GPS system, in fact, it allows you to keep track of geographic coordinates in terms of latitude and longitude and can be used on any object, means of transport, person or animal, with extremely limited costs.

the GPS Locator V11 it is not just a simple tracker, but a multifunctional device. In fact, it can also be used as car chargerlike, how window breaking hammer in an emergency and how cut the belts security in the event of an accident.

Just use the device install an app, compatible with iOS and Android, in order to know the exact position of your vehicle at all times. In the box are also includes instructions follow to download the application and configure the device.

Personalize your smartphone accessories with Progetto Moda

If you run a business, you might consider giving as gifts personalized smartphone accessories both your employees and your customers. In fact, these gadgets are extremely popular because each of us has at least one smartphone and so allow your brand to grow in terms of trust and visibility.

Choose the accessory you prefer; At Progetto Moda, we take care of the rest, taking advantage of the latest and least invasive personalization techniques to breathe new life into your brand.

Contact us for advice or a quote, we will be happy to help you!

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