Prefix 44. Who owns it and country

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You have recently received many phone calls with prefix 44 and you are looking for a guide that can explain in detail what it is? Great, you’ve found the guide that’s right for you! In the next lines we will provide you with all the information about these strange numbers that for some weeks now have been literally spreading to many Italian telephones.

In fact, the reports have now become numerous. It’s no coincidence: phone calls with this prefix have become very numerous, and it is for this reason that many users are asking the same question.

In any case, take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that once you finish reading the article, you will have a clearer picture of everything. But don’t wait any longer, let’s go!

Prefix 44 which country it is

If the first thing you wonder is prefix 44 which country it iswe immediately give you the answer: it is the UK. These phone calls start from there, in which fake operators who speak perfect Italian begin with great insistence to offer the unfortunate poor big gains in the face of small investments.

By giving in to the demand to be heard, these scammers start promising profits from small amounts, illustrating the possibility of being followed by an expert advisor at no additional cost (read our article on Likely Spam. Who is it? What does that mean) .

In addition to promises of massive gains, the operators in question also rely on another decisive aspect: the safe recovery of the investments made, with the possibility also of closing the account if you decide not to want to continue. But what if the proposals of these subjects are accepted? Basically, an online trading account is opened through a site provided by the trader himself, in which a preferred, even very modest sum, such as 50 euros, must be deposited.

However, shortly after the fake consultant will call back, urging them to invest more, insisting that the markets are profitable at this time. The promise is always the same: easy money. The victim will therefore find himself this time depositing a higher sum. The result is predictable: he will lose everything, without even recovering the initial deposit.

But beyond the damage, the insult: she will find herself in the contacts of other scammers of the genre. The calls received will multiply and you will find yourself in a loop from which it will become difficult to get out, except by changing the number. The other scammers will come up with new solutions to recover the investments made and actually finally earn. In short, a disaster.

Prefix 44 who owns it

It is difficult to answer precisely the question about prefix 44 who owns it. We are certainly talking about real scammers. Our advice to you is not to answer these calls, now that you know who is behind them. If you answer, you should put it down immediately and say nothing. After that, the number should be blacklisted.

Unfortunately, this type of scam has literally exploded in recent months, especially thanks to the period of strong economic contraction due to the pandemic. In fact, the scammers exploit the financial difficulties of the subjects they call: citizens without e-commerce skills.

Easy wins do not exist: trading is a serious business and to be able to win you must necessarily rely on certified brokers. And that does not necessarily mean that you will gain anything from it: it is a risky discipline by nature. Apart from the recognized platforms, everything else is crap, or rather: beautiful and good scam!

That said, you should now have a clear and complete overview of the prefix 44: where these calls come from, who makes them and how to behave. It only remains for us to make an appointment for the next one, hoping that our guide has been useful to you in practice. Also read: How to block a phone number

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