Personalized gadgets for Christmas 2021 with Progetto Moda

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Christmas 2021: trendy personalized Christmas gadgets

It is not easy to choose the personalized christmas gadgets perfect to give to your employees, customers and suppliers to celebrate the Christmas 2021. That’s why we thought of making this article!

At Progetto Moda, we love christmas season and also this year we have thought of a rich selection of original and trendy items perfect to give to your collaborators. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and count on us for quality customization.

Home sweet home: gadgets to create a Christmas atmosphere

One of the reasons that makes Christmas so enjoyable is that it gives us the opportunity to spend the cold winter evenings at home with family and friends to celebrate the holiday season. For this reason, your colleagues will surely appreciate the gods custom gadgets to use to decorate their home.

Personalized blankets: warm and fluffy

A chair for two, Miracle on 5th Street or the Harry Potter marathon? It doesn’t matter what your favorite Christmas movie is, but you’ll agree with us that to fully enjoy any of these movies, you need hot popcorn and… a decorated fluffy blanket.

That’s why we suggest you offer them as a personalized Christmas gadget decorated covers. Warm and colorful they are useful, but they also become a piece of furniture because they create that feeling of warmth that we are looking for so much in winter.

In our catalogs they are available in many models and colors. We offer you the two main alternatives: the first is super soft in double fleece with tartan print, perfect in any home; the second is the green version, manufactured in 30% in RPETa material recycled from plastic bottles

Blanket with black and white tartan print

Scented candles to diffuse the festive smell

Another symbolic object of Christmas are scented candlesgreat novelty this year in our catalogs.

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There are many scents that recall the holidays: the smell of cinnamon and of Gingerthat of vanilla in freshly baked biscuits, that of cocoa prepare hot chocolates and even that of pines covered in snow.

The model we offer is simple and refined: the scented candle is inserted in an elegant wooden candle holder, customizable with the company logo or with a short greeting.

Star-shaped candle with wooden holder

Kitchen accessories for a perfect dinner

When it comes to Christmas, we can’t forget another one moment of conviviality much appreciated: the dinners. An opportunity to get together with your loved ones and celebrate one of the most evocative moments of the year.

For dinner, we thought of a series of useful accessories in the kitchen. Let’s start with a simple but at the same time essential object: the kitchen glove. The model we present to you has a padded side, which offers a better grip when gripping hot pans and ovenproof dishes, and a smooth side, perfect for customization.

If you are thinking of a more complete gadget, although less economical, we recommend the set of accessories for wine and cheese. The set consists of 1 stainless steel knife, 1 cheese slicer, 1 bottle opener and 1 stopper. These accessories are contained in a bamboo box, a material that is very popular because it is easily recyclable.

Quilted oven mitt c

Winter wardrobe: warm with style

When it comes to personalized christmas gadgets we can’t ignore custom clothing. The choice in this case is also very wide, but in this section we decided to recommend the most chosen and used clothes in winter.

Personalized Christmas Sweaters: Dress for the Holidays

Among the most representative garments of the winter wardrobe we certainly find fleece and sweaters. For the Christmas period, we recommend giving them as gifts with themed printslike the models you will see in the following pictures.

The sweaters we offer are in ribbed wool blend with prints reminiscent of Christmas themes: they are embroidered with bows and snowmen. As you can see sweaters are available in adult and child sizes and are perfect for happy family celebrations.

Children's sweater with snowman Men's crew neck sweater with Christmas print

Scarf and hat set to always stay warm

What is the most used winter accessory? A scarf so you don’t get cold or a hat to protect your ears from the winter wind? It’s hard to choose, so we suggest you go for for a personalized scarf and hat set.

The models you can choose from are many and among these stand out the decorated hat and scarf with a nice star pattern. These two garments are made in super soft microfleeceinsulating and resistant, but if this thematic version does not convince you, just browse our catalogs to compose your set with the accessories you prefer.

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Wool scarf and hat set with Christmas print

Packaged in quality personalized bathrobes

One of the most enjoyable activities after a cold winter day is to come home and enjoy it. long regenerating shower. For this reason, your colleagues will love to know how personalized christmas gift a bathrobe soft cotton.

Available in one dual versionwhite or blue, the kimono collar bathrobe offers comfort and softness for drying off after long winter baths.

Pure cotton unisex bathrobe

Luxury gift: elegant and chic gifts

If you have a large budget, for some long-term clients or for some of your most reliable collaborators, you can also evaluate luxury gift. Since their price is higher, the choice is huge, but in this section we have selected a few. refined and elegant gifts which impressed us.

Box with pens: a timeless gift

the personalized pens they are still a very useful and appreciated gadget. If you think of a luxury personalized Christmas giftwe recommend that you opt for a ballpoint pen: those in our catalogs are comfortable, thanks to ergonomic handleinclude a high quality ink refill and are available in different designs and colors.

Writing set with fountain pen

But to make the gift more complete, you can consider buying ready for writing. The classic pen can be combined with the touch stylus for use with electronic devices, at a leather keychain but also to a document holder, always genuine leather.

Computer trolley for a more comfortable journey

The recent reopening and easing of restrictions has allowed many of us to resume the journey, even for work.

For this reason we have decided to offer you as a luxury Christmas gadget, i travel cart. These items are highly sought after because they respect the dimensions imposed by the airlines for hand luggage. They are easy to handle thanks to the integrated wheels and functional, as they are full of compartments, some of which for carry tablets and PCs insecure.

The materials they are made of are durable and perfect to be personalized with your company name and logo and will surely be appreciated by frequent business travelers.

Travel trolley with compartment for pc and tablet

Green gadget, white Christmas

One of the aspects that is most important to us when producing our gadgets is the materials with which they are produced, which is why we always try to offer our customers eco-sustainable items. In this section, we have decided to suggest a few Christmas gadgets green.

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A calendar.. is forever

Among the most popular Christmas gadgets we undoubtedly find calendars. In fact, despite the advent of technology, many of us still prefer to have a physical object on the desk to check the date.

To avoid overconsumption of paper, however, we advise you to give your employees a bamboo perpetual calendar. It is a special and very original gift because it is up to its owner to “commit” to changing the date every day: an excellent morning ritual to start the day.

Perpetual calendar in eco-sustainable wood

Christmas water bottles: a gift for you and for the planet

They cannot miss in the list of trendy green gifts, water bottles. Indeed, they are fundamental to solving one of the main environmental problems that excessive plastic consumption. In fact, whenever possible, it would be best to replace plastic bottles with reusable items.

For Christmas 2021, we therefore offer you these water bottles, one in steel and one in aluminium, already decorated with refined Christmas motifs. You just have to choose a greeting phrase and we will personalize it with the best technique.

Water bottles with Christmas prints in different designs

Ecological bookmark

A trend for Christmas 2021 is to give objects of which they are capable bring new plants to life.

Inspired by this new trend, we want to advise you ecological bookmarks: these are paper bookmarks they contain petunia seeds and it will be enough to water them to make the seedling grow. In short, once the Christmas period (and the reading of the book) is over, your gift will turn into a beautiful spring flower.

Green and recyclable bookmarks

You just need to contact us to choose these gadgets as customization even in quadrichromy.

Contact us to donate your perfect Christmas gadget

In this article, we reported the most requested Christmas gadgets present our catalogs. If you have thought of an original object or more related to your activity, do not hesitate to contact us: the our styling department We will listen to your ideas and together plan the perfect Christmas gifts for your employees!

Also from this year, to make your corporate gift even more original, you can take advantage of our new service Make it personal, thanks to which you can customize not only the gadgets you want to make, but also the packaging that will wrap them. The photorealistic digital print it will help you make your gifts truly unique and unforgettable

Contact us to find out which items this technique can be applied to and to get a full quote!

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