MTT S60. Chinese GPU from Moore Threads

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The Chinese company Son of Moore, a company that has been dedicated to creating home GPUs, announces its first product. The MTB S60a graphics card that works with the MTT S2000based on Musa protocols.

Let’s find out about its features and how the MT solution can be used in our in-depth article. We remind you that we have created a complete guide on the best gaming laptops for you to check out! But let’s not waste any more time!

MTT S60 AND MTT S2000 in comparison

MTT S60-2

The company presented its solutions at a dedicated conference by comparing them and “running” them through a demo of Leage of legends. The MTT S60 has a 12nm processor just like its twin but the Core GPU is significantly inferior, we are talking about 2,048 Musa Core against 4096 of the S2000.

Among the differences also the performances which are attested on 6 TFLOPS in the S60 and on the 12 TFLOPS in the S2000. The ram video of the MTT S60 will be 8 GB unlike the twin’s more powerful 32GB. Difference also in the form factor which will present a Single Slot Fan in the S600 and a passive slot in the S2000.

Currently, according to the demos presented, the the level reached is very high but there is no news of official tests carried out by foreigners that confirm the statements of the protagonists. We therefore await confident developments!

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