Megavideo | History and how to see its contents

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Among the best-known sites when it comes to online streaming, there is certainly Megavideo. It was a platform that provided a truly remarkable catalog of movies and TV series, obviously uploaded illegally.

The portal, in particular, allowed the first 72 minutes of each content to be viewed for free, after which it required paid registration to continue viewing. However, the block was still easily bypassed.

As you may have noticed, we are talking about the past. Yes, because Megavideo no longer exists for many years. Let’s retrace the history of this truly fascinating site.

Closed megavideo


As we said, Closed megavideo this is something that happened many years ago now. The story of the closure of the gate and the arrest of its owners is really interesting. In fact, in 2012 the FBI shut down Megaupload and Megavideo, which at the time were two of the most popular and widely used file sharing platforms in the world. Both were led by Megaupload Ltda Hong Kong-based company that had so far earned over $175 million through criminal activity.

At the same time, it had caused losses of more than half a billion dollars to copyright owners. In addition to ordering the closure of the two sites, authorities arrested four employees of the company in Auckland, charged with copyright infringement and money laundering. Among these there is Ken Schmitz, 37-year-old German citizen, founder and CEO of Megaupload. Former hacker, he has already come arrested for theft of bank detailsinsider trading and embezzlement, as well as conviction for computer fraud and concealment.

The arrests didn’t stop there, as other characters residing in Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, and the Netherlands were also arrested. This all happened because Megavideo was widely used online, especially to stream illegally uploaded movies and TV series on the platform. The portal in question made it possible to see the first 72 minutes of each content for free., then request a paid subscription to continue. However, the blockade was easily circumvented.

However, as we said, Megavideo has now been permanently shut down for years. It is therefore a question of finding alternatives: online, many portals offer the same services as Megavideo (also find out what happened to EuroStreaming).

Cineblog megavideo


For example, by typing “Megavideo” on Google one of the suggestions you will receive to complete your search is “Cineblog megavideo“. Cineblog is certainly one of the sites that was most inspired by the late Megavideo. To date, it is certainly one of the most visited on the Italian web. It can be visited at the following link:

Therefore, you just have to copy this address and then paste it on your browser that you usually use. Then pressing enter will take you to the home page of this platform, which it makes available many movies and TV series in streaming totally free (like today on StreamingCommunity). In the site you can immediately find the movie you are looking for, thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, but also thanks to the division into sections. You can search for content by setting the following filters:

  • Release date ;
  • Type of movie;
  • Resolution;
  • Language.

Megavideo story

You should now have a complete and clear overview of the Megavideo story. Unlike many similar sites, which periodically rise from the ashes, Megavideo is definitely a site that is gone forever. Moreover, it belongs to a very different Internet than it is today.

In any case, with this article, we have in no way intended to encourage online piracy: the content we have reported here is intended for informational purposes only. Therefore, we take no responsibility for what you do with it.

That said, we only have to give you an appointment at the next one, hoping that our guide will have been useful to you in practice. Read also: Streaming Starlive

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