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Jisulife Handheld Fan

Let’s find out, in our review, Jisulife Handheld Fanan object that could be very practical in summer to cool off from numbness and heat.

How did it perform in our tests? Is its power sufficient for the price? We will see this and all the technical details together in our article and in the video prepared with the review and the full test. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Jisulife portable fan. Technical data

Jisulife-5 Handheld Ventilator

Let’s start telling you right away what the technical characteristics of this portable mini fan are. The hull is integrated Plastic and its graphics may vary 3 colors (blue, white and pink). It has a weight of 240 grams of approximate size and extremely small 17.8 x 8.9 x 4.6cm.

The Jusilife ventilator is equipped with a 4000Mah battery that as far as the mode of use is concerned, it can reach up to 20 hours of use. The instrument is charged with a USB Type-C cable in approximately 3 hours and is equipped with 3 speeds (slow, medium, fast).

In the original packaging we will find:

  • 1 Jusilife portable fan
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 instruction manual
Jisulife-2 Handheld Ventilator

Final Essay and Considerations

The Jisulife ventilator comes in a minimal package with a USB cable and an instruction manual inside, where you can find the technical data of the instrument and explanations (also in Italian) keys present.

The first thing to do is to charging portable fan, thanks to the USB cable that can be inserted into a conventional mobile phone charger. The charging light will turn red when it turns off until fully charged (solid red LED).

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To turn on Jisulife Handheld Fan it will be enough move ignition button, located at the bottom of the instrument, to the left. After that click on the middle button. Clicking again (up to 3 times) will change the maximum speed (slow, medium, fast).

Jisulife-4 Handheld Ventilator

The low speed is of little use but improvements are already visible from the intermediate speed. With maximum power, the tool releases a very large amount of air (always taking into account the cost of the instrument).

The quality of the components is excellent and also its design, portable and in different colors, which make it trendy even for use outside the home. Very low price and good functionality.

In conclusion, Jisulife Handheld Fan this is a great portable mini fan which will guarantee you a good well-being but which cannot replace resolutely more professional tools. We leave you the link to take advantage of the offer and the video of our opinion: Portable Fan Offer.

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