iPhone calendar virus. How to eliminate it easily

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iphone calendar virus

Are you looking for a guide that can show you in detail how to solve the problem of the iPhone calendar virus who could have touched your iPhone? Great, you’ve found the guide that’s right for you! In fact, in this in-depth study, we will provide you with all the instructions necessary to succeed in your intention.

In reality it is a virus “Fake”, which affects me calendars of the iPhone. It is therefore not a real malware: it is more correct to speak of spam more than anything else, very annoying and which could scare several users. Also because, as we will see in the next lines, it is also a very insistent spam: you may receive several notifications a day, some with a really unpleasant tone.

That said, take a few minutes off: we’re sure once you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll have a clearer picture of everything. But don’t wait any longer, let’s go!

iPhone calendar virus

iphone-2 calendar virus

But let’s go in order. The iPhone calendar virus this is real spam, i.e. unwanted advertising that usually displays unwanted advertisements, in the form of scheduled events on the calendar itself. For all owners of Apple mobile devices, this virus could be a real nuisance. But how does it work? Basically, events are added to the iPhone calendar without any prior user approval.

The problem is that the closer the event is, the more the user will be bombarded ads, appear And invasive notifications. All this to convince him to click on one of the links present within these misleading advertisements. And menacing, we might add. Indeed, the content of the messages could be the following: “Your iPhone may be exposed to viruses!”, or “Click here for the safety of your iPhone”. In other cases, the user may be persuaded to click on the winning iPhone scam, with a message like “You have won an iPhone!“.

All messages designed to scare or convince the user of something. In some cases, the recipient of the message will even see a date related to the event such as when a “malware” or a “virus” will be activated. The goal is obviously to click on the attached links present in the notifications or the event itself, and to make the user fall into the trap. Falling into the trap means that at this time a virus could really be installed or in any case a security problem could arise.

iPhone calendar virus how to remove it

iphone calendar-3 virus

After defining the problem, we can now find out in detail how to solve it. Thus, we will answer the following question: iPhone calendar virus how to remove it? Since these are entries listed in the calendar, eliminating this fake virus will really be a piece of cake (also read How to remove viruses from your cell phone). Here are all the steps, point by point:

  • open your iPhone settings
  • select “Calendar” and from here “Account”
  • displays the calendars to which you are subscribed, including those where the fake virus is present
  • select and delete the account with the fake virus

Once done, you will see that everything will work as before. The problem will be gone! It wasn’t particularly difficult, was it? Once you follow these simple steps, you will have found the right place to stop dealing with this pushy and annoying type of spam.

How to Remove Fake iPhone Calendar Virus

Great, you should now have a clear and complete overview of how to remove iphone calendar fake virus. As you can see, you didn’t need to go to experts or pay anyone to fix this annoying problem. With a few simple steps, you will be able to eliminate the fake virus from your device, which will no longer manifest this problem.

It only remains for us to make an appointment for the next one, hoping that our guide has been useful to you in practice. Here is a guide that might be for you: Best Mac Antivirus

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