How to Watch the NBA on Smart TV

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How to Watch the NBA on Smart TV

You are a big basketball fan and you want to know how to watch nba on smart tv? Well know that you are in the right place, we want to show you the possible solutions to see the best matches of your favorite sport!

In fact, NBA games can be seen both through your PC or smartphone, but also with Smart TV using alternative methods. We want to tell you how to watch the most famous American sport, watching the matches for free or for a fee.

So, if this subject interests you, we recommend that you take a few minutes of your time to read it to the end. You will find how to watch nba on smart tv!

How to Watch the NBA on Smart TV

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Basketball is one of the most famous sports in America, in which NBA competition takes place (see also Where to watch free NBA streaming). These matches are watched all over the world, as they have millions of fans, many of them also in our country. So you might be wondering how to watch the NBA on Smart TV! The answer is varied, in fact later we will show you the best solutions to watch basketball from your TV at home. We suggest:

  1. DAZN with VPN;
  2. Sky Sport Italy;
  3. NowTV;
  4. NBA League pass.

Let’s see these alternatives in detail, so you can choose the one you prefer!

1. DAZN with VPN

DAZN is one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms for watching sports of all kinds. Including basketball! In Italy, however, only part of these matches are broadcast, excluding the NBA. But we want to advise you on a solution, i.e. using a VPN.

In fact, in countries like America, Germany, Canada, and others, NBA basketball is also streamed on DAZN. So you need to use a VPN to hide your IP address. In this way, you will surf the net in hidden mode, overcoming geographical restrictions, having therefore understood how to watch the NBA on Smart TV, in the original English language. Activate DAZN now by clicking this link and get the promotion currently present on the official website.

2. Sky Sport Italy

Sky Sport Italy won the rights to NBA basketball games again this year, airing the U.S. Championship. To access this platform you will need to have a subscription, so that you don’t miss even one of the best basketball games in the world. These will be commented in Italian by many professionals from our country, in order to live a more intense experience!


Even the famous platform NowTV guarantees the vision of the NBA championship. Also in this case it is necessary to pay for the subscription by downloading the app directly to your Smart TV. Among the various offers there is one rate of €7.99 per day so you can log in for 24 hours. Or theweekly pass at €14.99or themonthly offer at €29.99. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want at no additional cost.

4. NBA League Pass

Finally, we recommend the NBA League Pass with access to 1200 games and on Live TV every day. You can enjoy insights, news and interviews.

There are four different subscriptions, the first is to watch one single game for 0.99 € that one, or there is the Day pass at €1.99the €9.99 monthly plan or the annual plan for only €12.99. The Pass can be used on any device you own, including Smart TV.

It is definitely the best and most affordable choice to know how to watch nba on smart tv!

Can I watch NBA on Smart TV?

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In this guide, we wanted to show you a few ways to see the NBA games on Smart TV. In order not to miss any match of the most famous American championship in the world. All you have to do is choose the method you prefer and start watching your favorite sport on your Smart TV! Here is a guide that might suit you: Rojadirecta.Nuovo Sitoe

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