How to watch Euroleague Streaming 2022

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How to stream the Euroleague

L’Euroleague is the highest basketball competition in Europe, which sees 18 teams from all over Europe compete. Italy’s representative is Olimpia Milano who are fighting to win the championship. If you are a big basketball fan, you will surely want to know how to stream the euroleague, directly from your computer sitting on the couch at home! Well you are in the right place, indeed thanks to this guide you will discover which are the best sites to not miss any match of this important competition.

We would like to point out that we in no way wish to encourage illegal use of the platforms mentioned. In fact, our blog always recommends relying on legal, copyright-compliant streams.

So if you are more interested in this topic then we recommend you to read till the end to know how to stream the euroleague.

How to watch the Euroleague in streaming. Here are the websites

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In this guide, we want to illustrate how to stream the euroleagueindicating the best sites to enjoy the basketball matches of this competition.

We have selected four different sites, the first two are by subscription, while the last two are completely free and for their use we recommend relying on a free VPN. A VPN is a type of anonymous network, which allows you to hide your IP address in order to browse the web in an easy and secure way. Thanks to this, it will also be possible to overcome the blocks given by Google or geographical restrictions.

So the sites that we would like to recommend to you are the following to understand how to watch the Euroleague in streaming:

1. sky go;

2. now tv;


4. Rojadirecta.

In the next few paragraphs, we will illustrate all of them in detail, so that you can carefully evaluate which one to choose.

1. Sky Go

The first platform we want to recommend to know how to stream the euroleagueit is surely sky go. This enables subscription to Sky Sport, so you can see all Euroleague basketball games commentated in Italian. The vision is of excellent quality, but we specify that it is a non-economical subscription.

2. Now TV

The second site is now tv, which bought the rights to broadcast the basketball games. This platform allows you to subscribe to different types of subscriptions: weekly, monthly or annual according to your needs. Matches are streamed in excellent quality with no buffering or display issues.


Another totally free solution to know how to stream the euroleagueis to rely on ATDHE. This is one of the best streams to watch basketball games but also any other sport. There is no need to register to be able to enjoy the best of sport right at home. It has simple and intuitive graphics, which allows you to choose live games quickly. Here is the official link.

4. Rojadirecta

Last but not least is the site Rojadirecta. It is a platform full of content dedicated to sports, including basketball. Access to the site is easy, the streams are without buffering, but it is not guaranteed that they are in Italian. To use this site as for the previous one, we recommend the support of a VPN. Here is the official link.

How to stream the Euroleague

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In this article we have listed the best sites to know how to stream the euroleague. They are useful and functional platforms for their purpose. Some of them may have copyrighted content, so we do not assume any responsibility for the use of these platforms. This article is intended to be for end user information only.

All you have to do is try all the sites described in this guide, in order to choose the one that best suits your needs! Here’s an article that might be helpful: Where to Stream Basketball Games

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