How to see the posts you like Instagram 2022

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Let’s find out together how to see instagram posts you like in a simple guide with the necessary steps to understand how to watch the posts you liked on the Social of the moment.

Liked Instagram but can’t find it anymore? No problem, there is a solution to all of this. Thanks to a register of our activities, we will be able to discover what we have done and go back to the origins. We will also see if even after the update it is still possible to do so.

How to see the posts you like on Instagram

Our guide will help you understand a what photos, videos and stories you liked on Instagram. The first thing to do is to open the application from your smartphone. From a PC, in fact, it is not yet possible to understand how to see instagram posts you like. Don’t worry, if that changes, our article will be updated!

After opening the app, navigate to Feed then on User Profile (I remind you that this operation is possible on iOS and Android devices). Now press Settings (three horizontal lines) rise Account then on Posts you like.

After doing the last step, you will find yourself in front of a pos galleryt, photos or videos you liked on Instagram. You can scroll through your memories and select each post to review it, except those that have been deleted or placed in private lists (see also How to put several photos in an Instagram Story). Can I still see liked posts? Let’s find out together.

If you are having trouble viewing old likes, there can be three types of solutions. The first is the one we described earlier, i.e. removal of content by the original user. Another reason could be to move it to a private “place”. The last but least considered is the one that the user has blocked you for some reason (read in this case how to remove a blocked action from Instagram).

As you have seen understand how to see instagram posts you like It’s not difficult. But is it different to see it from an iphone or an android? Now let’s see the steps needed for each type of system.

How to see the posts you like on Instagram Android

If you are wondering how to see the posts you like on instagram android You are in the right place. The operation is not different from what has already been described, but there is a small change to take into account.

To see old likes on photos and videos posted on Instagram by Android follow these not:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go to feed
  • Tap User Profile
  • Tap Settings
  • Go to account
  • Tap the posts you like
  • Click on photos and videos from the gallery

After accessing the gallery, you can also see who shares my posts on instagram or access our new chapter dedicated to iPhone owners.

How to See Posts You Like on Instagram iPhone

Do you have an Apple iPhone or tablet? Well here is a chapter dedicated to How to See Posts You Like on Instagram iPhone. Seeing what hearts you put on old messages will be really easy.
Here are the necessary steps:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go to feed
  • Tap your profile
  • Tap Settings
  • Access my account
  • Tap the posts/videos you like
  • Click on the photos and videos you want to open

The solution is really simple but is it so even after the update which limited this possibility?

How to see posts you like on Instagram new update

Do you need to see the posts you liked previously and after the update you no longer find the option to do so? We can tell you right away that Instagram, for privacy reasons, has greatly limited this possibility but it is still possible to do so.

It is indeed still possible to see the old hearts but only if the person you follow has set the public display of the content. In fact, if you no longer see the likes previously placed in the settings, the cases could be as follows.

  • User has blocked you
  • The user has not given the option to see the messages publicly
  • The video or photo has been deleted

Our guide is finished but we will keep updating it if there is any news about it. You understood how to see instagram posts you like but we also recommend you to read the guide on How to Remove Instagram Black.

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