How to do Elden Ring gestures

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How to do Elden Ring gestures

Looking for a guide who will explain in detail how to do elden ring gestures? Alright, you found it! In this in-depth analysis, we will show you step by step what operations you need to perform to achieve success with your intention. It is not a long or complex procedure: in a few simple steps, you will have reached your goal.

We are talking about an important factor: in Ring of Elden the gestures they are a fundamental aspect of the messaging system. As the main source of communication for multiplayer players, it’s good to learn how to use them. Of course, not all of them can be used immediately: the gestures must be unlocked, and to do this you must necessarily continue in the game, completing the main missions.

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How to do Elden Ring gestures

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Elden Ring is a complex open-world RPG game, which hides many different elements inside. One of them are the gestures, which can represent a resource in some cases decisive for the progress in the game. Let’s find out first why they are so important, then later how to do elden ring gestures (and we invite you to read the full article on How to play Elden Ring).

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In Elden Ring, gestures are described as “emotes” in the general language of the game. Translated: they are specific animations or actions that send a message to other players. Gestures can be performed anywhere, anytime in the world, and can also be used to leave notes for other players. Some of the most common gestures featured in the game are in good health, Sit, type etc

Not only that – you can take advantage of this feature to guide other players to various places and directions that might confuse them. As well, with gestures you can activate events, such as missions, boss fights or lead to new locations. In some cases a gesture, made without particular attention, can cause unexpected events.

In addition to functional reasons, gestures can be used to express feelings in general, such as joy, sadness, and pain. But how to do elden ring gestures? Basically, to perform a gesture you must:

  • open the menu;
  • select the Gestures item (located at the bottom right of the screen);
  • move the cursor over the gesture you want to use using the joystick, then select the desired gesture;
  • press A or X;
  • use the Y key or the triangle key to swap gestures.

And There you go! All you have to do is follow these very simple and immediate instructions. In fact, once you complete these steps, you can use the Elden Ring Gestures which you prefer among the unlocked ones.

  • You can choose the gesture you want! The list of unlocked gestures will be present in front of you on the right side of the screen. To unlock the gestures you need complete all main missions. Gestures will be unlocked as players progress through the Interregnum adventure. They will thus be available all over the world: they can be recognized by their typical shape of shiny white spheres, which represent objects or resources. Alternatively, they can be acquired by defeating enemies or talking to NPCs.
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Keys to gestures on Elden Ring

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You should now have a clear and complete overview of how to do elden ring gestures. As you have seen it is not difficult to obtain and use them, but more than anything else to have them available you will have to advance in the game and in the adventure. Using them can be both useful and enjoyable, since some gestures have a specific purpose and functionality, others are simply entertainment (also read our Where to find George Martin on Elden Ring article).

That said, we only have to give you an appointment at the next one, hoping that our guide will have been useful to you in practice. We remind you that you can find Elden Ring on offer at the following link: Elden Ring promotion.

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