Best Free Basketball Streaming Sites 20222

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Best Free Basketball Streaming Sites

If basketball is your favorite sport, you will definitely want to know the best free basketball streaming sites. With this guide you will have at your disposal the best web platforms to access all the basketball leagues you prefer, such as the NBA or the Euroleague.

We would like to point out that this article is simply an information guide for the user, and that we do not want to encourage piracy in any way. Illegal use of the mentioned platforms is not a responsibility of our blog. In fact, we always recommend relying on legal streams to watch basketball games.

If this subject interests you then we advise you to continue reading until the end, because you will discover all the best free basketball streaming sites you need!

Best Free Basketball Streaming Sites

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Are you looking for best free basketball streaming sites? Know that in this guide you will find everything you need. In addition, with our advice you will finally be able to watch the basketball matches of the best leagues directly from your computer, wherever you want.

These are completely free sites, easy to use, where you can find many streams with the best quality or even applications (read our guide on the best applications to see Free Basketball).

These sites may be blocked or have access problems. To overcome this problem, we always recommend using a VPN. It is a tool that allows you to hide the network, in order to browse anonymously, being able to overcome geographical restrictions and external blockages.

THE best free brasket streaming sites that we recommend are:

  1. Live Observer;
  2. VIP League;
  3. Free Jack;
  4. ATDHE.

In the next paragraphs we will analyze each site in detail, in order to specify the characteristics of each. This way, you can assess which one is right for you.

Live Observer

Live Observer is a useful portal and one of the best for watching basketball games. Choose the sport you prefer from the list and then wait for the live and available games to load. The links are almost all foreign, so it will be very difficult to find a match commented in Italian, but not impossible!

VIP League

The first site we want to recommend is VIP League, it’s a simple but functional platform to not miss any live basketball game. To choose the match you must click on the basketball icon, this way the complete list of live broadcasts at that moment appears. For this site, as for the others, we recommend the use of a VPN, so as not to have problems accessing the portal.

Free Jack

Another working site is Free Jack, ideal for basketball and many other sports. This platform allows you to have access to many live games, guaranteeing videos of excellent quality and without buffering.


Surely one of the best available on the web for basketball games but also for many other sports is ATDHE. It is an intuitive and very easy to use platform. You must select basketball as a sport so that you can view the full list of working links, to relax with a game of your favorite sport (you can also use Rojadirecta).

Where to find the best free basketball streaming sites

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In this article, we wanted to illustrate best free basketball streaming sites, so you can enjoy the best leagues belonging to this sport. We would like to make it clear that we do not want to encourage piracy in any way, in fact our blog always recommends using legal streaming systems, so as not to violate copyright and incur heavy penalties.

That said, we hope the guide has been useful to you, all you have to do is choose the site you prefer, to watch the basketball games that you like the most! Here is a guide that might interest you: Where to watch Basketball Stream 2022 matches

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