Best beaches near Bari: Top 10 beaches

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What are the the best beaches near Bari? Those with this crystal clear sea that we are now used to seeing so much in the rolls of Instagram?

You are in the right place.

I go to Puglia every summer making a base in the region of Tarantoby the way even here you can find crazy beaches actually here i wrote about best beaches near Tarantonot frequented by tourists.

However, if you are in Bari and you don’t plan to travel too much, you will find in this article which are the best beaches near Bari.

In fact, you should know that even in this region of Puglia, contrary to popular belief, there are beaches and seas that are the envy of the Caribbean.

Many believe that the most beautiful beaches in Puglia are in Salento, the southernmost part of this region, but this is not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, Salento is also full of crazy beaches, but the Puglia region offers different scenarios at every point of its territory.

Let’s see together which are the most beautiful beaches near Bari.

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The best beaches near Bari and its surroundings

1. Cala Pietra Egea, mussels

the best beaches near Bari

Surely one of the best beaches near Bari and probably among the best beaches in Puglia.

It is located south of Bari about half an hour drive, well known to locals, less to tourists.

It’s here.

2. Cala San Vito, Polignano a Mare

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This Caribbean-looking beach takes its name from the tower of San Vito, near Polignano A Mare, still about half an hour’s drive from Bari.

Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, but also for relaxing on its golden sands.

It’s here.

3. Cala Copacabana, Monopoli

the best beaches near Bari

Very busy with locals, especially young people looking for fun and partying.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in and around Bari, with clear water and soft sand.

It’s here.

4. Cala Verde, Monopoli

Small paradise beach near Bari, a sand ditch which if it is not crowded is pleasant to live.

In the surroundings you can discover interesting rocky views. On the left, for example, along the stretch of coast on foot, you will find a point with very blue waters.

However, you will have to climb down rocks, so you need some agility.

It’s here.


5. Caletta del Capitolo, Monopoli

the best beaches near Bari

Very nice beach with crystal clear sea well served by all kinds of services, from beaches to beach bars where you can enjoy a good aperitif.

It’s here.

6. Lama Monachile – Polignano a Mare

Probably the most famous beach on the Bari coast as well as the most famous in Polignano a Mare.

We are talking about Lama Monachile, the beach that directly overlooks the crystal clear sea of ​​Puglia right in the center of Polignano a Mare, which can be admired from different panoramic points.

A real gem of Puglia.

Avoid going there on weekends or during the most touristy periods such as August for example.

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Do you prefer this beach maybe on weekdays in June, July and September.

It’s here.

7. Cala San Giovanni – Polignano a Mare

the best beaches near Bari

Less known than the previous one but just as beautiful.

Immersed in nature and surrounded by vegetation and a pine forest to relax in the shade.

The beach is well served by Cala San Giovanni beach with umbrellas and deckchairs and a bar where you can cool off.

Very suitable for families and couples seeking relaxation.

It’s here.

8. Porto Ghiacciolo Beach

A small romantic beach with slightly cool water thanks to the intrinsic springs.

This is what Porto Ghiacciolo beach looks like near Monopoli.

Clear waters that will make you want to throw yourself headlong into the sea.

It is advisable to go there when there are few people being rather small.

It’s here.

9. Lido San Francesco

One of the most beautiful beaches near Bari, ideal for families and for those looking for healthy relaxation.

A long white sand beach provided by some locals offering refreshments.

It’s here.

10. Marza in Monopoli

the best beaches near Bari

Small beach with parasols and deckchairs. Access to the beach is only possible through a small sandy cove surrounded by rocks.

Really beautiful water, to see.

It’s here.

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