Ameglia and its surroundings: what to do, what to see and where to sleep

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What to do in Ameglia and its surroundings, what to see and especially where to sleep in Ameglia if you decide to spend a few days here?

I was recently in Liguria in the region of Ameglia, and I discovered this small village that I don’t know how to define if not crazy.

I did not expect to find such a beautiful village nestled in this corner of Liguria, also because let’s face it, when we talk about Liguria and beautiful villages, the first that come to mind are those of the Cinque Terre.

Yet I assure you that that of Ameglia could easily compete with the various Riomaggiore, Corniglia or Vernazza in terms of beauty.

Ameglia and its surroundings: what to see, what to do and where to sleep

Let’s not forget that my beloved is near Ameglia tellarolittle considered by tourists but of unique beauty.

In short, I’m really happy to have found another wonderful and not obvious village like that of the Cinque Terre in an area that I already loved, the one near Tellaro, adjacent to Montemarcello.

So let’s see together what to do and what to see in Ameglia, and also where to sleep in this splendid village.


What to see and do in Ameglia and its surroundings

Ameglia and its surroundings: what to see, what to do and where to sleep

Ameglia is located near Monte Marcello a few kilometers from Tellaro, in a beautiful area.

The first thing to do is to visit the small village of Ameglia Alta, a real gem to explore.

park your car here if you find a seat and then head to Locanda Ameglia Alta, a really nice little restaurant/bar where we had pre-lunch aperitifs but which we were told offers the best of himself in the evening for dinner and after dinner.

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From there, you enter the hamlet through an arch and immerse yourself in the history of this place. A local told us that these streets have remained untouched for centuries.

The first step is to arrive at the church where a simply magnificent view awaits you, with a view of the whole valley below. Stop and also admire the architecture of the church and the houses.

Another peculiarity are the doors of the houses, some have decorations with crosses, as they were built hundreds of years ago.

Continuing through the narrow streets you will be held hostage by the magic of the place, until you reach the castle which follows the opening hours that I personally did not find on the net, in fact I did. ‘ve found closed. It’s a shame because the interior looked very nice.

Ameglia Castle is located in front of a small square, also very beautiful, from where you can continue the visit by turning into one of the small streets and starting to go back up to the starting point.

Ameglia and its surroundings: what to see, what to do and where to sleep

The historic center of Ameglia is definitely the main attraction of the place, honestly I didn’t expect to find such beauty in this place.

While moving, a walk in Montemarcello is essential to admire its panoramic point.

In addition to a visit to Tellaro, another rare gem of Liguria, here you will find the article on what to see in Tellaro.

Ameglia and its surroundings: what to see, what to do and where to sleep

Where to sleep in Ameglia

When I visited Ameglia I stayed in the Campsite River right in Ameglia, sleeping on our roof tent, and I must admit it was very comfortable to stay there, even if a bit expensive, but in Liguria we know that the prices are not so accommodating compared to other regions of Italy.

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In and around Ameglia there are many interesting places to stay and given that we are slightly off the super tourist routes of Liguria, understanding where to stay in Ameglia could also be a great way to save a bit more.

Below I recommend where to stay in Ameglia:

  • Golfo dei Poeti Relais & Spa: This property is 6 minutes walk from the beach. Located in Montemarcello, a 10-minute drive from Ameglia and less than 11 km from Sarzana and Lerici, Golfo dei Poeti Relais & Spa offers a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a wellness centre.
  • B&B Le Palme: Located in Ameglia, a 10-minute drive from the beach, B&B Le Palme offers accommodation, garden and sea views, free public parking and free WiFi throughout the property.
  • ALBACHIARA INN Apartments: This property is 2 minutes walk from the beach. Albachiara Inn offers modern self-catering apartments with private balconies and air conditioning, just 300 meters from the banks of the Magra River and 1 km from the sea.
  • LIGURIA home: Located in Ameglia, 3 km from the beach, LIGURIA home offers a furnished terrace overlooking the Apuan Alps and the Magra River, free private parking on site and free Wi-Fi.

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