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Alternatives to YouTube Advanced

Looking for a guide who can show you in detail what Alternatives to YouTube Vanced best gift on the net? Alright, you just found it! In this in-depth analysis, we will provide you with all the relevant information, so that you have a clearer picture of all the proposals similar to the famous service.

Which, by the way, is about to disappear: Advanced YouTube in fact, it was blocked by a lawsuit won by Mountain View executives, and so several alternatives began to proliferate online. Some work and are reliable, others hide viruses and malware instead. An overview can therefore only be useful.

However, remember that YouTube Vanced was a pirated and illegal program because it made YouTube Premium (i.e. the ad-free version of the tube) available to its users completely free of charge. And the alternatives that we will show you in the next lines do the same. Our intention is obviously not to encourage online piracy: the content of this article is for informational purposes only, so we accept no responsibility for your use of it.

That said, take a few minutes off: we’re sure once you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll have a clearer picture of everything. But don’t wait any longer, let’s go!

Alternatives to YouTube Advanced

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced-2

It’s only a matter of time: YouTube Vanced isn’t working, and in a few months it might stop working properly for good. In fact, it won’t be long before updates render this service obsolete and in fact useless. For this, it is good to have similar sites available that can offset your retirement.

Here are the best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced:

  • NewPipe
  • sky tube
  • LibreTube
  • Kiki Browser
  • firefox

Let’s analyze these alternatives one by one.


It is one of the most popular and functional YouTube clients. On NewPipe it is possible download videos, play them in the background, use the Picture in Picture feature and enjoy many other features. It does not require you to sign in with your Google account: good news for Huawei users, who will be able to view content even without having Google services.

sky tube

Open source alternative to YouTube Vanced, which allows you to use most of the features present on this service. In addition to this, you can enjoy other elements, such as the block unwanted content. SkyTube offers two variants, namely SkyTube Extra and SkyTube Standard. The former uses closed software libraries and supports the official YouTube player, while the latter is fully open source.


Among the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced there is also LibreTube, another open source application used mainly for desktop computers. It’s still in beta (certifies the presence of some annoying bugs), but has a modern and refined interface. It uses the Piped client, which does not depend directly on Google’s servers.

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced-3

Kiwi Browser

Mobile browsers also let you get YouTube Premium features for free. The Kiki Browser is a Chromium Browser developed by a member of the XDA Developers team. This service allows you to install the same extensions as desktop Chrome on Android devices. Combine uBlock Origin, Return YouTube Dislike, SponsorBlock and YouTube Enhancer. Result: you can have a very smooth YouTube user experience.


Let’s finish with one of the most used browsers, namely Firefox. Simply download the uBlock extension on the stable version of Firefox for Android. On you can restore many features of Vanced, also downloading a series of custom add-ons.

You should now have a full and complete overview of the best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced. It only remains for us to make an appointment for the next one, hoping that our guide has been useful to you in practice. See you soon!

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