2022 trend for personalized gadgets: a short guide

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2022 trend for personalized gadgets: a short guide

Choose the custom gadget perfect to represent a brand is never easy, especially considering the wide variety of items on the market. However, it is essential to take into account current trends and consumer preferences.

To help you in this first decision phase, we have prepared this article which analyzes the big trends 2022 about personalized items.

Eco-sustainable gadgets: from bamboo to hemp

After a long period in which governments around the world ignored the problems generated excessive pollution and exploitation of the planetonly recently realized the importance of investing in sustainable growth programs.

Among these programs stands out the 2030 Agenda, the United Nations programsummarized in 17 macro lenseswhich should guide governments, institutions, businesses and citizens in adopting an increasingly sustainable way of life.

The demand for this change is particularly felt by consumers who are very careful about what they buy. For this reason we of fashion project we undertake to include in our catalogs a growing selection of gadgets made with recycled and eco-sustainable materials.

Among the most coveted green gadgets for 2022, we cannot fail to mention the techno items in eco-sustainable materialsLike USB drives, power banks, speakers and even Bluetooth headset: in short, the alternatives are not lacking. Just choose the item according to your budget and contact us to figure out how to customize it with your brand name or slogan.

Waterproof wooden enclosure made from recycled wood Bamboo wireless charging base

But remember that even the simplest gadgets can be made from recyclable materials. In this regard, you will also find a large selection in our catalogs stationery made from green raw materials such as diaries made with recycled paper or quills in bamboo.

recycled paper notebook with personalized pen

Made in Italy

Another consumer trend, certainly linked to the growing attention paid to the environment, is the choice to buy products Made in Italy. Consumers who follow this trend are motivated by two basic reasons: the idea of to reduce pollutionavoiding long-haul freight transport, and the desire to show support for Italian companies, which found themselves in difficulty following the outbreak of the pandemic.

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Initially, the choice to buy local products mainly concerned foodstuffs, but today, consumers are increasingly committed to buying all the other items they use on a daily basis, addressing the Italian market.

At Progetto Moda, we have always believed in the value of Made in Italyfor this reason, we support this new trend 100% and make available to our customers a series of articles produced entirely in Italy.

Although there are excellent companies specializing in the manufacture of successful gadgets throughout the national territory, it is however necessary to mention the sector for which Made in Italy is famous all over the world: fashion. And in fact, many companies ask us to make their uniforms respecting this characteristic.

DGF Trans, for example, it is a company specializing in logistics and transport with whom we have been collaborating for several years now, who asked us to make company uniforms focusing on garments entirely made in Italy.

We accepted this request and the result was a trend line composed of different garments (polos, shirts, jackets and vests), made of resistant, durable and completely personalized.

Custom and reflective jacket for DGF Trans work uniform Men's and women's polo shirts for DGF Trans outfits

In short, Made in Italy clothing is a great way to support the environment and the economy; with this in mind, accessories and especially accessories should not be forgotten shoes.

Examples are the custom sneakers Made for Made for serves for serves for Gelsonanother of our long-standing customers, who respects precisely this characteristic: they are entirely designed and produced in Italy.

Make it personal

Among the trends of 2022, we find the personalization of promotional items or clothing “100%”. In this sense, we refer to the trend, followed by many brands, of Personalize promotional items directly with the name or with a personal characteristic (such as, for example, the zodiac sign or date of birth) of the consumer.

Many companies have adopted this trend. An all-Italian success story concerns the hazelnut cream the best known in the world: Nutella.

Ferrero has indeed started to personalize the pots of cream with most common italian names already in 2019, but given the success of this initiative, it continued to offer it in various versions. For Christmas 2021, for example, it gave its customers the possibility of personalizing the label on the packaging with gods personalized greetings.

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On the occasion of Christmas, at Progetto Moda, we also offered a new service, much appreciated by our employees stakeholders, “Make it personal”: it gives the possibility to fully customize not only the gadget to be given as a gift, but also the box or bag in which it will be contained and the ticket who will accompany him.

Customize it for total personalization

So the perfect gift, according to our Make it personal method, is:

  1. Perfectly namedthat is, personalized with the name or with a message of greetings or thanks designed specifically for those who will receive it;
  2. Perfectly sleevedpackaged in a personalized paper case, perhaps with symbols that mean something to the target who will receive them;
  3. Perfectly packaged, accompanied by a card with personalized graphics.

As for the items to choose for a personalization of this type, the choice is endless: starting with the most popular gadgets of the moment, with our gourds in green materials, up to clothing.

Home sweet home: also in 2022

With the outbreak of the pandemic, it also spread to Italy smart work. And, what was initially a compulsory choice, has turned into an appreciated and conscious decision. Moreover, with the increase in the number of infections, many have started practice one’s hobbies directly in the house.

The rediscovering quality time that you can spend inside your own homes, will undoubtedly also affect the purchases of Italians throughout 2022. For this reason, our advice is to choose personalized gadgets that reflect this new trend.

Let’s start by presenting the most useful gadgets for those who work from home or for those who work in hybrid mode, thus alternating working days in the office with those at home. Especially for this category of workers, it is useful to have quality accessories that can facilitate the transition between the two work situations.

An article that is certainly functional in this sense is ours computer Including a portable mouse, a USB cable and a memory card reader. All these objects are contained in a small and resistant nylon caseperfect for carrying in a PC bag or backpack, without forgetting anything from one move to another.

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Smart and Hybrid Portable Workset

Among the essential elements of the office, we find the lamps. Our advice, however, is to choose a model that combines aesthetics and functionality. This cordless lamp is the perfect example: it is a digital table lamp that allows you to recharge your smartphone simply by placing it on the base of the object.

Cordless desk lamp

Speaking of hobbies, on the other hand, there are many that can be practiced at home, but it must be recognized that during the months of the pandemic, the home training.

Many sports can also be practiced indoors: yoga to pilatesfromaerobic until bike on rolls. In short, the possibilities are not lacking as well as the ways to follow the courses: there are indeed two platforms where you can follow pre-recorded training, which in streaming or in private with your coach / trainer.

That is why we suggest you think about personalized gadgets useful for training at home.

the customizable sports accessories there are many: rubber bands, small weights or jump rope. However, in the case of a corporate gift, if you do not know what sport the recipient of the gift practices, you can opt for a fitness mat, used in many disciplines. The important thing is that it is light and comes with a case to be able to store it easily.

Comfortable, portable and customizable yoga mat

If, on the other hand, you have a larger budget, the perfect gadget is undoubtedly the tracker. Thanks to this simple digital bracelet, it is possible to control many physical parameters, such as heart rate, calories consumed and distance traveled. A fundamental gadget to assess training progress.

Customizable step and calorie tracking

The 2022 trends not to forget to create successful personalized gadgets

Let us therefore summarize the characteristics of the perfect custom gadget for 2022: it must be made with sustainable materials and possibly produced in Italy, it must be uniquely personalized and adapted to the target to which it will be delivered. Still have doubts ? Contact us and together we will design the best personalized gadgets for your business!

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